World Health Organization Explains The “Sexuality Education Matrix”

The man and the woman, we’ll add!

Today we have pondered a lot and wondered: what if the real message here is that materialism is not the most important issue but saving the children? Think about that for a minute. We think that parents will rally faster to save their kids rather than ending meaningless materialism. The only obstacle here is the “taboo effect”, either caused by the laws in place or self-censorship. But it may have a better chance to succeed than the abolition of money. Two different paths for the same desired result.

It is important that we understand that we got in this nefarious situation because many people think they need politics to regulate their sex lives… and rights to sexuality. And that anything attempting to prevent that equates to discrimination. It started first with pushing for homosexuality, transgendrism, gender fluidity, and kids as being the final target.

Now the agenda is clear and took shape in the name of protecting adults while getting access to the children was the end goal. The issue of control will always prolong its tentacles this way, by seemingly making sense at the beginning, then shifting and showing its true (tyrannical) intents.

Earth Custodians truly believe that anything that may occur between consenting adults is acceptable. But here we are talking of 0 to 4-year-old children and allowing the government to take over their sexual education rather proves the failure of critical thinking among the adult population, and the Trojan Horse centralization has become as well.

At this stage, the best that could happen is that society falls completely apart and seeing if that doesn’t cause a massive wake-up call. We want to remain as positive as possible though, and trust the real human nature, that at some point humanity will choose life over this “death cult”.

The next step will most likely be convincing women that they no longer have to be pregnant as the government will offer “artificial wombs”. Just make a search and see for yourself, artificial wombs are a mere few years away. Such a move will definitely destroy the “sacredness of motherhood” forever. And of course, many ultra-feminists will rally behind it, making any civil debates impossible.

Monetized special interests seeking to dictate sexual behaviors by bypassing parental education is a cakewalk it seems. Sending drag queens to kindergarten to teach gender tolerance and fluidity has not met much resistance as of yet, mainly because anybody objecting too much will find him/herself in court eventually and sued for discrimination.

Aldous Huxley who predicted the heavy medication of the crowds appears to be correct today. Hijacking children’s life and altering adult’s perceptions about love (possession) and lust (porn industry) will have dire cognitive consequences, opening the door for the pharmacology industry to take over completely because people will have lost all moral compass and live in perpetual emotional misery. Listen to Aldous Huxley’s Frightening 1958 Interview with Mike Wallace here below:

Any genuine sages lecture about the benefits of virtuosity and integrities. And not in the name of bigotry but the knowledge that Universe is made of Truth, that life is sacred and that one does not fiddle with the most powerful force in the Universe as Sex represents the force of Creation. Without it the Universe cannot be.

This agenda controls society via sexuality while most people think its about sexual freedom. Masses have been so trained to turn to the government to handle their private lives, that we have reached another final turning point. Moral relativism is at an all-time high, seemingly teaching that nothing is really good nor evil. One simply does as one pleases. Though if such behaviors are induced from a very early age, there is absolutely nothing spontaneous. It is called conditioning… brainwashing!

What do we regard as a good education?

A good education is defined by its environment. Epigenetics is the most important factor, not to mention that genetic memories can be passed down up to 12 generations, so interfering with education is extremely easy. As always the level of coercion defines everything. By age 7 or 8, today all kids have heard about sexuality anyway. The emotional foundations are very important and will determine adult psychology. But a kid preoccupied with sexuality so young won’t enjoy his/her childhood anymore and his/her emotional makeup will be altered and forever.

And of course, the special interests (foundations financed by big corporations) are funding all this! We are being attacked from all sides. Governments’ formulas are extremely hazardous. All of them.

Teach your kids responsibly while keeping the gov out of families’ business. Kids are going to discover their bodies without adults telling them that it is ok anyway. All kids do it. That does not mean that we have to accentuate these behaviors in children on purpose.

Let’s not forget that children have no notion about “right and wrong” and are into a state of hypnosis until 7 years of age and this taught behavior will increase the pedophilia rate. First, because kids will learn the meaning of seduction very quickly, and 2nd because adults will respond differently to a child’s seduction based on that – and many will just want to have the “experience”. That is why pedophilia will cease to be a crime at some point. It already is the case in the UK that legalized pedophilia in 2017 as they arrest 400 men every month and redirect them to therapy, asserts guest speaker in this video.


In particular, the document titled “Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe”, which has been published by the WHO Regional Office for Europe and Federal Centre for Health Education (BZgA), states that small children aged 0 to 4 should learn about “enjoyment and pleasure when touching one’s own body [and] early childhood masturbation.”

Part 2: Sexuality education matrix — 1.3 Why should sexuality education start before the age of four? page 34 of the WHO paper: by age 4 a child has to know about different kinds of relationship � different family relationships… � the right to ask questions about sexuality � the right to explore gender identities ……… what does that mean exactly at 4 years of age?

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