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This video is one hour worth your time. The guest, Paul Levy, @11:50mins only confirms millennia-old teachings such as Hermeticism, Gnosticism, Vedic, and Latin American Indigenous, and describing “cognitive polarization” as the root cause of collective psychosis called Wetiko. And that no matter how pure we think our intentions are to help humanity free itself, dualism and polarity have to be fully understood, along with the process as to how they come about, will we add. Meaning that elite, gender, cultural criticism is just making matters worse if no self-criticism is offered because the environment is a mirror.

Failing to grasp this unfortunately only makes Wetiko stronger. And the same holds true for people who are unwilling to face the problems we have: deliberate ignorance of the problem will not make it go away. This is a falsehood sustained by people who think that their belief systems cannot be questioned. Levy also makes it pretty clear, and we didn’t need him to acknowledge the metaphysical issue, that they truly are “interdimensional entities” dedicated to the implementation of this Wetiko-Archonic illusion so that these entities can continue to exist. Though the bottom line is that evil still is a massive illusion. To find out about the Truth lies are needed.

Long time followers of this blog for sure remember how often we’ve stated that we need to get out of this “us vs them” mindset at every level because it is not only draining but makes everybody talk in circles. That does not mean turning a blind eye to whatever agendas but acknowledging and processing them from a self-responsibility perspective. We must dare look into evil with a piercing gaze.

Paradoxically another challenge arises when seeing dualism for what it truly is, and that motion implies a direct confrontation with the lack of self-esteem since the blame game has fallen apart. Dualism is a grand illusion, and Wetiko is imaginary. We cannot fight an illusion. It is a collective psychosis, feeding off of the fear of separation and disconnect from the whole.

But where is this illusion of separation coming from?

The abandonment syndrome goes back to the moment of birth when we are separated by force from the womb. By force, because the mother’s uterus expels a body that her womb can no longer contain. That is absolutely very traumatic as giving birth takes hours and is as much painful to the baby as it is to the mother. The education is going to have a tremendous impact here, especially if the child’s parents are unavailable emotionally. The lack of love, for whatever reason, is going to directly worsen the abandonment syndrome.

The plunder of nature definitely mirrors our own collective darkness. There is a direct correlation here. We are pillaging the environment because Wetiko is spreading self-loathing. But with Wetiko gaining momentum, the upside here is that a full-fledged confrontation with the illusion itself is too accelerating.

Then comes the second trauma caused by an immense feeling of cosmic aloneness generally occurring around 6 or 7 years of age, when a child realizes the vastness of the Universe and the harshness of societal individualism. Along with this awareness comes the perception that life is an endless struggle and the threat to be left behind. Here we can easily see why a competition-free environment is necessary for kids to develop their full potential. In fact, 90% of kids are geniuses but society is too coercive for them to express their “emotional intelligence”.

IQ alone doesn’t mean much at all, and we only have to think of our world military complex to understand the IQ is indeed extremely overrated.

However, both traumas explained above manifest the origin of all human sufferings and which are reinforced by the complete misunderstanding of sexuality and its sacredness. It is quite fair to say that 80% of people do not know what “female” and “male” sexual energies really are about. Society teaches us to resort to sex as a “trade” and that we need it to enhance self-confidence but such a stance is a complete fallacy.

According to a study targeting people consulting sex therapists, the average coitus lasts 3 to7 minutes and this speaks volumes.

As a matter of fact, Sexuality is only positive when self-appreciation does not depend on how often lovemaking is traded but the inner creative potential. Wetiko also enjoys preying at that very level, separating sexes and forcing them to trade their darkness or ignorance about the true nature of their gender. Lust and low self-esteem usually are bedfellows after all. Although abstinence and Tantric practices are very healing, we definitely can see why finding the right partner may be an extremely challenging quest in this Wetiko-driven environment.

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In fact, and to put it bluntly, society is a giant “sperm extracting engine”, which is why child and underage sex abuse is rampant and porn is a 100 billion dollar industry exploited by the “rights to sexual freedom” becoming the next threat as 0-4-year-old kids are now being taught about masturbation and gender fluidity. How far will Wetiko have to infiltrate society before a major wakeup call occurs?

More realistically as Levy contends, if all the phenomena of this dark energy are rightfully assimilated, Wetiko is the dark energy that could lead us on the path of awakening and serving the evolution of our species. Buddhism and Gnosticism agree that the greatest source of good is evil, that we need the darkness to extract the Light out of it.

In this sense and to conclude, it is about time to process our trauma of birth and cosmic abandonment syndromes shaping the mother of our fears and begin to choose our life partners accordingly to have more fulfilling sex lives and promote the massive overall of education.

We, at Earth Custodians, are regarding more and more shamanism as a global medicine, and maybe do we need to reach 50% of the adult population to be dedicated these practices to guide the rest out of the dark maze.

What do you think?

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