How To End Of Patriarchy… Forever


Since it is the metaphysical that drives the physical, and not the other way round, it has become increasingly vital for humans to operate on the same wavelength, which is why the amount of suffering has only gotten worse over the centuries, because humans just keep adding subjective layers to the same core issue: the disrespect for Life as a whole.

More realistically many men are suffering but they tend to keep it for themselves because the patriarchal society teaches that they have to be strong, compete, and keep their sex drive high. Yes, without a doubt it is perfectly fine to talk to men about patriarchy and point to the programming because the big picture must be exposed but “accusations” are going to delay global healing.

Those being the curtain are the real culprits because they know what they are doing but in order to change the system, we have to move ahead in full awareness.

Even though there seems to be a pattern, we cannot put all men (and women) in the same bag because generalizations sustain societal polarization and are against objectivity. This is a Natural Law which when ignored causes moral relativism. And here is an example: each year millions of abortions are performed globally and this means that women are too part of the problem. Any accusations wouldn’t just lead anywhere if there ever was a serious debate about it. There wouldn’t be any winners.

The right dialogue here would be to call for the end of a framework feasting in death and suffering instead, which would dissolve the patriarchy and drastically reduce the abortion rate.

We have to begin seeing the situation from a metaphysical perspective because the subjective realm is very limited. As the author Paul Levy states, and we agree, is that each of us needs to take responsibility for the state of Wetiko in the world because it is only when the “totality of humankind” is considered that we’ll begin to see the end of the tunnel. The “you are guiltier than us” train of thought is a doomed philosophy perpetuating conflicts.


The metaphysical just does not function that way but wants us to care for the “totality of life” and there is a language to address all that without compartmentalizing issues. To conclude, civilization has been into a massive group therapy experiment for 1000s of years and it is now time to follow the advice of Krishnamurti and the like and start healing from within. We recommend the audio at the top of the page.

As the world is sinking into a global dictatorship, it has become blatant that man-made laws are the problem and we have to abolish them all, that’s the core issue. We can get there with civil disobedience and the bankruptcy of the system will help us get there too.

We cannot compare the Earth with the Sun, but both work in symbiosis. Together. All humans too complement one another. The skills of one complete the skills of another one. Egalitarianism is only in terms of birthrights, hence, we have to end the consensus that “superiority” is a natural state of affairs. It is a fallacy. In Nature no animal is superior, Nature gives indiscriminately… has no preference.

We have to start dealing with the problem as Natural Laws would… man-made laws are bunk and have debased society to no end. We are in a death spiral but if we see it, we can exit it easily and quite quickly.

Both genders are complementary, they are two very different energies. The only way to move forward is that each group, men and women alike, start spreading the word, within their respective groups, until their causes become self-evident to men and women alike. Because men and women have been so divided over the centuries, they’ll have better results by working within their own gender spectrum to start with to lessen the unproductive risks of a confrontation and expand from there. Acknowledgment is an inward motion above all.

Remember, only empathy will end competition and the patriarchy system. We just cannot respond to a duality with another duality because we’d all go back to square one and thus perpetuate the current model. Neither can we lecture men/women about fixing themselves (so that we can feel better ourselves) will not get what we really need because the environment is too polarized and that we are moving into a potentially chaotic transition.

Our own inner balance is our only safety belt now. As a matter of fact, when grasping Natural Laws and their direct implications, all that is really left is a “thin line” to guide our steps … and … Love to ensure the continuation of our species as a whole.

Love is not an emotion per se, it is “the” Law.


Survival Of The Nicest? A Theory Of Our Origins Says Cooperation-Not Competition-Is Instinctive (2013) A century ago, industrialists like Andrew Carnegie believed that Darwin’s theories justified an economy of vicious competition and inequality. They left us with an ideological legacy that says the corporate economy, in which wealth concentrates in the hands of a few, produces the best for humanity.

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