We Will Not Live In Fear Forever!

Humanity has been hijacked since a very long while ago. The plan is century old. The coronavirus crisis just marked the last turn toward a future with no escape… unless a massive wakeup call occurs. The chances to free ourselves are rather slim but not impossible. We just need 40% of the population to stand up.

The MSM has started disseminating mixed messages: according to the UNICEF, indiscriminate lockdowns’ are not effective to control Covid and could contribute to a 45% rise in child mortality, or 1.2 million, in developing countries. Then we have some scientists fearing that an effective coronavirus vaccine may prove impossible to produce, and rightfully so since previous attempts to find vaccines for other “coronaviruses” have been unsuccessful so far. Even the flu shot works in 45% of the cases. Yet there was this Yahoo article warning that covid19 could turn America in a surveillance state. So clearly the shadow government is telling us about the risks in order to obtain our consent before moving up to the next phase. And remaining silent equates to consenting.

The most troubling article of the week was which in the Waking Times, explaining that the coronavirus vaccine will alter the DNA and the RNA forever (yes you read well: permanently), using new experimental technology. There aren’t many ways to look at this: we are the guinea pigs. The vaccine industry since after WW2 has not served the interests of the general population, far to the contrary, so why would it be different this time around? If you are new to this topic, we encourage you to visit the Robert Kennedy Jr website childrenshealthdefense.org, dedicated to vaccine studies and why injuries have become pretty common. We just cannot trust the pharmaceutical industry anymore. The latter is beyond redemption.

We also read today that scientists used stem cells from frogs to build first living robots. And this is very alarming because that article just corroborated our reasoning that SynBio is now creating artificial organisms. This is huge because that would mean that it only is a beginning. Connecting dots seriously help here. And this is where AI fits in.

And from here the bad sci-fi begins to take shape.

Did you know that are 3 levels of AI? 1) AI narrow intelligence used for appliances, communication devices, from cell phones to drones and 5G 2) AGI or artificial general intelligence which refers to robots having emotions, anger, wants, pride, ego and desires. 3) AI Superintelligence that requires all the human beings’ biometrics and bioelectrical field data, also using smartphones to collect information. Supposedly, Google has all the biometrics of the world population by now.

We live in a world where reality is stranger than fiction but now that Orwell and Huxley are on our doorsteps, the future is no longer a rosy sci-fi story but a futuristic nightmare (as explained in the video below) that we have to bring to a halt ASAP!

It is only when one understands the potential of AI Superintelligence that one understands that this plan could not have been imagined by humans because AI Superintelligence is so blatantly against humankind. And the quote by Nick Bostrom is highly revealing here. He goes on saying that “The only way it can really work is the second scenario: a global collaboration to gradually develop superintelligence, based on humankind working together as one. ”

… working together as one… we are all in this together, same mantra. Using empathy to implement just plain evil.


‘Army’ of contact tracers will be needed in coronavirus fight. Experts say that could cost billions. Congress will need to appropriate about $3.6 billion in emergency funding for the effort, including for the hiring of 100,000 contact tracers, according to one report. (april 14 2020)

Google and Apple announced today that they’ll use Bluetooth to track COVID-19 cases. technology used by the US contact tracing strategy going forward may use cellphone data, for example. Today, Google and Apple announced that they are building a system to let phones use Bluetooth data to track when they’re near each other. If someone tests positive for the virus, they could tell the app, which will then notify all of the people whose phones were nearby.

The Waltham-based company’s dog-like robot is in Singapore reminding joggers not to get too close

Scientists use stem cells from frogs to build first living robots. Jan 13, 2020 Researchers in the US have created the first living machines by assembling cells from African clawed frogs into tiny robots that move around under their own steam. Strictly speaking, these life-forms do not have sex organs — or stomachs, brains or nervous systems. The one under the microscope consisted of about 2,000 living skin cells taken from a frog embryo.

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