Did You Miss “Event 202”?

When tyranny is too great, speaking of freedoms is always regarded as an act of lunacy or pathological selfishness, depending on which side of the fence one sits on of course.

We have to realize that “those in the know” have a perfect understanding of duality and that’s why they manipulate and support all sides of any argument, hence also which of the ethics of sacrifice.

Unfortunately, such ethics never works because the freewill Universe wants every human to behave responsibly. Well, each of us is surely free to sacrifice his/herself as long as it does not impact other lives. The ethics of sacrifice only works if one is absolutely self-less.

Most people turn to leaders because they are not interested enough in the destiny of other people outside their relative circle. And even though if that begins to change slowly because our ecocides are now facts, we needed to hear about the Amazon being destroyed by the fires to realize that they were indigenous people fighting for their ancestral way of life.

The point here is that no sacrifice is needed when one pays enough attention to one’s own actions and asking oneself: am I going to harm anybody if I do this?

The mainstream always praises the ethics of self-sacrifice. Leaders like Gandhi or MLK end up assassinated because the killing itself is a warning to those who’d attempt to replace them. But further, once the heroes are removed from the scene their revolutions started either to fall short, fade away, or are hijacked by other societal traumas and the lack of vision of those trying to carry on their legacies.

If one looks a little bit closer at the issue, the failure of selfless heroes is also necessary to imprint a societal and trauma-based experience that is not only passed to the next generations but also reawakened at each anniversary of the hero’s assassination. Society has to quit all these rituals once and for all because the spilling of blood for a greater good has more to do with the worship of “dark energies” than anything else.

In a money-free society, the ethics of sacrifice wouldn’t exist all.  

The lockdowns are the sure road to vaccine certificate$ and there lies the real fascist threat. People who get overemotional should ask themselves how do they feel when 100s of thousands of children died as a result of Iraqi sanctions, or their gov selling weapons to go bomb Yemen… think about all the chronic diseases due to junk foods, that 1000s of tons of plastic still end up in the ocean each day, etc… all these problems share the same unethical premise:

………………. the commodification of life itself!

Then comes the “Bill Gates Equation” since we find him all over the place. He wants to save us from global warming with dubious if not harmful corporate solutions, vaccinate the whole planet against viruses concocted in labs with his foreknowledge and funding, and control the food supply after teaming up with the WHO to enforce global lockdowns aimed at fueling poverty, reliance on big-govs and destroying small/medium-size businesses, and then the implementation of ID2020 including a vaccine certificate.

Talk of a control agenda which is outlined in the 4:30hr video below, this is a panel discussing all the current issues! Event 202 was a simulation exactly like the Event 201 simulation but from the reverse angle, simulating how millions of people might come together to overcome the fear and terror instilled into the masses and avert the pre-planned solutions by an elite class hell-bent on imposing supra-Orwellian control over the entire earth      

Guess Who’s Growing Your Meat? (10 first mins only)


23:57 How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health



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