Only An Act of Lunacy Could Alter The Course Of Humanity


Today we’re going to suggest something bold: maybe do we have to work the other way round and envisage “a global advertising blitz” that could get us, real humanitarian $upporters to flock in organically (as opposed to investors expecting returns)… and which will help topple financial hierarchy for good.

Our posting in The Zeitgeist Global Movement, and The Venus Project, on FB, seems to indicate that we need to probe this further. And we intend to start a huge poll might in the weeks ahead… Here is what we stated:

We are running out of time… and the timing is right … We do not really need money to build new RBE cities but getting together to finance **the advertising blitz of the millennium**, so that the whole planet would suddenly become aware of the alternative… it all starts with the “mind”. I would gladly join or start such a committee with serious individuals…. how many of you would donate 50 dollars towards such a project? I know I would. We just need a non-profit and a few film editors and screenwriters (all volunteers) and by the end of the year, our advertising blitz will literally blast the planet! There are at least 2 million people supporting actively RBE worldwide… and this means a $100M advertising budget… or more. We all agree that we need to do things differently but maybe depending first in investors to lay the first brick is faulty logic… Maybe we need to spend big on spreading the word to elevate Humanity’s Consciousness first and that the rest will follow suit. Money cannot be used to satisfy any form of “do it alone” project, it has to involve the Whole from the start.

Indeed, we all agree that we need to do things differently. Maybe we need to spend “big” on spreading the word to “elevate” Humanity’s Consciousness first and that the rest should and will follow suit. This risk must be taken no matter what because science has proven that the Universe is mental!

Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality (2005, nature magazine) — Consciousness Creates Reality” – Physicists Admit The Universe Is Immaterial, Mental, & Spiritual ( 2014 Collective Evolution)

This cannot be initiated by any small group but has to involve the Whole (at least a majority being aware) from the start. We, at Earth Custodians, have been thinking this for quite a while… The Mind rules everything and we can see this every day when watching the news. The media spin is hypnosis.

Mindset conditioning enables financial servitude, not the other way round. And attacking the problem from a polarity perspective is most likely what holds us back because money alone cannot free us, it is only the tool that makes it happen.

Unless the Mind is wired differently and without the slightest form of hierarchy promoting the paradigm shift, getting out of the maze will remain very challenging, if not impossible.

A Dystopian madness is attempting to take over the world and only an act deemed of lunatics could alter the course of humanity forever.

Though considering that All Is One, expanding Consciousness first may well be the priority because the “business mindset” is what got the world into this impasse in the first place – and thus impeding awareness from spreading.

Freeing the world from the hierarchy caused by money may have to be approached the same way that Nature is our common heritage. For the right solution to work, nobody will be allowed to claim to be the savior so to speak.

“Unity in Mindset” on a much larger scale may well have to be achieved before anything else.

This will be part 2 of the video series we are working on.

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