The Final Confrontation Is On Our Doorsteps!

Actually, the dire events that are taking place were already foreshadowed in 2012 at the London Olympic Games Opening Ceremony. It is jaw-dropping in terms of predictive programming. Coronavirus staged! It was all there in our faces that very day. See for yourselves, you will be shocked, guaranteed.

the segment: 13:39 The opening ceremony of Olympic games in London, 2012 was Predictive programming

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long version, starts at 45:05mins The Complete London 2012 Opening Ceremony | London 2012 Olympic Games

We were listening to Icke earlier today and he came up with a similar assessment as ours. To paraphrase him, he said that all the evil that exists, at this very moment, has come out of the closet, the bad guys have arrived at the point where they “must” fully expose themselves to ensure the implementation of the final step of their agenda, they have no other choice themselves, and by doing so they also can longer get back inside as that very last turn has also sealed the closet door. All this giving us no other choice either but accepting the confrontation, our emphasis. This is Duality at work, each force prompts a matching opposite force!!

Bill Gates Is Now A Target Of COVID-19 Coronavirus Conspiracy Theories (FORBES) Why Bill Gates is the focus of the latest coronavirus conspiracy theories (FAST COMPANY)

Any aftermath that results in the loss of sovereignty and birthrights must be rejected, regardless of the motive sold to us by the 1%. There is the same problem across the board, even within the RBE community, too many remain unaware of the consequence of giving away one’s consent for a greater good. This is however how we got caught at the game, by allowing corporations to fund Charity Inc which then dictates corporate will for a so-called greater good, step by step, and insidiously.

The integrity of any system rests on the people able to decide for themselves and full transparency. Unfortunately, the WHO is marred by corruption and well documented in our earlier blog about Bill Gates. And even more seriously, the math speaks by themselves. Here is why corporations and their owners benefit, leaving the crowds holding the empty bag: The Covid corporate bonus bailout costs about $18,000 per citizen. So Congress is taking $18,000 from your future, giving $16,800 to corporations and giving you back a check for $1,200.    Now let’s consider a few headlines: New York Starts ‘Aggressive’ Coronavirus Antibody Testing In Quest To Reopen Economy, APRIL 2020 NPR.ORG — “Together At Home” Was An Infomercial for the Global Elite and its Agenda – APRIL 2020 VIGILENT CITIZEN — Social Distancing Enforcement Drones Arrive in the U.S – APRIL 2020 NYMAG — The CDC will set up a coronavirus ‘surveillance and data collection system’ as part of the $2 trillion stimulus bill, which President Trump just signed into law, MARCH 2020 BUISNESS INSIDER – American clinics report up to 400% rise in abortion requests. If there’s a Covid-19 economic collapse, this will get much worse (APRIL 2020 RT)

As we can see the aftermaths expose the agenda, and anybody aware of the agenda can predict the future, even if the timing is not always correct. We didn’t know when the first fatal strike would come, but here it is now, and it is going to demand us to address it regardless of the costs. Because should we remain silent, as soon as 5G rollout is completed, the vaccine certificate implemented and digital currencies become the world money supplies, each of our steps will be tracked.

The time to act is NOW… Please share far and wide, join the CHORUS of the TRUTH VIBRATION, that’s all that is left to do, we cannot fight this physically because the real battle is which for our souls and birthrights.

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