COVID-19 Will Bankrupt More People Than It Kills

We just watched the latest Max Igan’s video and we kinda agree with him that COVID-19 is mostly MSM hype. But we never know, this could be a drill to test people’s propensity to follow orders and a move to implement ID2020 with vaccine cards. (see link below)

How ironic, the US stock market has now wiped out the entire $11.5 trillion of value it gained since Trump became president-elect according to the (see link below)

(03/11/2020) Coronavirus will bankrupt more people than it kills — and that’s the real global emergency. We may look back on coronavirus as the moment when the threads that hold the global economy together came unstuck

INDEPENDENT.UK: Worldwide, Covid-19 has killed 4,389 with 31 US deaths as of today. But it will economically cripple millions, especially since the epidemic has formed a perfect storm with stock market crashes, an oil war between Russia and Saudi Arabia, and the spilling over of an actual war in Syria into another potential migrant crisis.

Yes, let’s keep our eyes on the ball rolling. Fear is the enemy of rationality and makes forget about the essential. Business Insider is generally one of the least biased sources in the mainstream arena, and if $11 trillion of wealth have vanished in a few days, 401Ks and IRAs must have deflated considerably. Unfortunately many are unaware that the market will not come back this time.

But this was also a test for crypto-currencies, they all took a serious dive, and that means that the latter are not immune to the “fear factor” either.

Just as important as fighting the virus — if not more important — is vaccinating our economies against the incoming pandemic of panic. Human suffering can come in the form of illness and death. But it can also be experienced as not being able to pay the bills or losing your home.

That is exactly the intention, crashing down the whole house and unless the Fed intervenes tomorrow again and is ready to print way more than what they did today, the market will continue its descent further. Today the Fed injected $1.5trillion, which “ran dry in minutes” contends fxstreet (see link below). Maybe that was a move motivated by fake compassion.

Mike Shedlock, the author of this article, who we have followed on a regular basis for a couple of decades already, leans toward a full-fledged deflation scenario. And we think deflation is better than hyperinflation to transition toward Degrowth or go straight into a money-free society. So that’s encouraging.

FXSTREET: Deflation is not really about prices. It’s about the value of debt on the books of banks that cannot be paid back by zombie corporations and individuals.

INDEPENDENTUK: All this makes it even more worrying that governments continue to see this as a health crisis, not an economic one. It is time the economists took over from the doctors, before the real pandemic spreads. To survive these shifts, the US, UK and others will need to protect the future of their businesses, large and small, and look for opportunities to benefit from the new economic world order, not deny it. Ignoring these changes will be even more damaging than any flu pandemic.

This columnist will eventually figure out that it was all planned. Protectionism goes along with greed. Everybody seeks to protect its assets and obviously that doesn’t work because the premise we need is to have our birthrights protected by the Laws of Nature.

We have come all the way (4,000 years and counting) to find ourselves bankrupted by our elites. And the lesson is that money is the tool for control. But to make it acceptable, instead, we are taught that it can buy freedom.

The US stock market has now wiped out $11.5 trillion

Fed to Inject $1.5 Trillion in Liquidity But Markets Plunge Again | march 12 2020

Very Deflationary Outcome Has Begun: Blame the Fed (march 05 2020)
The Fed blew three economic bubbles in succession. A deflationary bust has started.

ID2020 and partners launch program to provide digital ID with vaccines (2019)



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