The Story Behind The “Low Unemployment” Numbers

Just another hard-hitting truth calling for the major social reset. With 30% Of American Workers Running Out Of Money Before Payday (a previous blog of ours), we have to surrender to the facts: the system is utterly broken. And nothing will do to bring back up from the ashes. It is dead and what we see is its zombified state.

So not only 30% of people in America, who still have a job, struggle to make ends meet or are 1 or 2 paycheck(s) away from being homeless, another 35% are unemployed while the official narrative says that only 3.5% are jobless. Click on the article for the few hyperlinks that will take you straight to a website.

That does mean that 65% of the working population is walking on tied ropes and that a “great depression” isn’t far away. A major pandemic alert, for example, could have the same effect as which of a needle poking a balloon.

People who have enjoyed a relatively good income since the 2008 crisis have merely benefited (directly or not) more than others from the generosity of the Fed Reserve and other similar institutions when they bailed out America and Europe.

But the most striking issue isn’t really money itself per se but distrust between humans fueled by competition. Dr. Gabor Mate speaks a lot of “stress and disconnect” in this 5min video below but both are the result of extreme materialism. If we look at the state of the planet carefully, what is materialism good for actually?

How Culture Makes Us Feel Lost – Dr. Gabor Maté On Finding Your True Self Again (5mins)

MEDIUM: How is The Official Unemployment Rate 3.8% When 37% of the U.S is Unemployed?
As of February 2019, approximately:
2.5 million people are getting back to work after 5 weeks of job searching
2 million people are finding a job within 5–14 weeks of looking for a job
1.5 million people are out of work for longer than 7 months
1 million people find a job between 3 and 6 months of searching for one

Low Unemployment Isn’t Worth Much If The Job Barely Pay (JAN 2020)

BROOKING.EDU: In a recent analysis, we found that 53 million workers ages 18 to 64—or 44% of all workers—earn barely enough to live on. Their median earnings are $10.22 per hour, and about $18,000 per year. These low-wage workers are concentrated in a relatively small number of occupations, including retail sales, cooks, food and beverage servers, janitors and housekeepers, personal care and service workers (such as child care workers and patient care assistants), and various administrative positions. (link below)

  1. Less than half (45%) of low-wage workers ages 18 to 24 are in school or already have a college degree.
  2. Thirty-seven percent have children. Of this group, 23% live below the federal poverty line.
  3. Two-thirds (64%) of low-wage workers are in their prime working years of 25 to 54.

We should look at individuals—not national averages—as the unit of analysis, and ask: Are wages adequate? Can people support themselves and their families if they work full time?

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