Blood Of Poor Americans Is Now A Leading Export

At first, we thought of having a hallucination when stumbling across that creepy headline but since has a decent reputation and the fact that boingboing picked it up, we immediately thought of a subliminal message here.

We’ve explained a few times why it is necessary for the globalists to obtain our consent so that they can expand their tentacles of power wherever they see fit. Since it is a free-will universe, permission must be asked first. This is the exact same aim implied by this article. Do you accept to be traded in the market place? It is a way for the elites to want us to know about our social condition and our silence can be translated as a “yes”. Awareness and acceptance (or refusal) are all that is needed for Natural Laws to shape humanity’s destiny.

All this for 60-100 dollars weekly per blood-seller, many of which develop health complications as a direct result, from fatigue and blackouts to liver and kidney disorders in the worst-case scenarios.

The system is just “diabolical” and rightfully describes it as the last stage of capitalism. Along with organ trafficking and pedophilia of course also targeting those struggling and starving in the need for fast cash.

One thing is certain though: any system allowing this type of commerce must be declared antagonistic to Life itself and be let go of completely. A system that is more thriving on domination instead of empathy is an absolute threat to any of us. Because at any moment you (or we) can be next legally.

Another thing that we didn’t know is that the US has become a “plasma leading exporter” worldwide because in many countries donating blood more than once weekly is banned. It is designed to be that way, it is not just a coincidence. The biggest buyers of “American-made blood” are Germany, Ireland and Switzerland. China and Japan are important buyers too.

MINTPRESS: We were poor, all of us in there you could easily tell that we were on the lower ends of the income bracket. They incentivize you with bonuses and the more you donate in a month the more you’ll get paid, recruiting friends bonuses, holiday bonuses, etc.”

And considering that inequality and poverty continue to grow unabated, the future of blood trading is really looking fantastic! So in America, the business is booming. Look at the chart which you can find in the Atlantic article below. By now the 50K benchmark must have been passed.

Thinking money must cause necessary evils so that the good can unfold in turn is mere cognitive dissonance. When a system is designed to profit more from suffering and death, such a system is cancer.

With a market cap close to $30 billion per year already, and assuming that something worse than the 2008 crisis is around the corner, we’ll have to stand up very soon.

All this wouldn’t happen in a money-free society but in order to get there, we’ll have to degrow the economy!

The blood of poor Americans is now a leading export, bigger than corn or soy (Dec 2019)

America is one of the only developed countries in the world that pays people to donate blood, much of it sold abroad (70% of the world’s plasma is of US origin), and as commercial blood donations have soared, blood now accounts for 2% of the country’s exports — more than corn or soya. There’s more growth ahead for blood products, expected to “grow radiantly” according to an analyst who was cheering 13% growth between 2016-17. One study found that the typical blood-seller derives a third of their income from selling blood.

Harvesting the Blood of America’s Poor: The Latest Stage of Capitalism (Dec 2019)

Blood has become big business in the United States and there is no shortage of corporations ready to exploit America’s most vulnerable populations in order to get a piece of the pie.

How Blood-Plasma Companies Target the Poorest Americans (2018)Their blood plasma—which historically has been collected disproportionately in the country’s poorest communities—is fueling a multibillion-dollar worldwide industry.

The industry’s business model depends on there being plenty of people who need cash quickly.

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