The Universe Is Inside Your Brain – And Why You Should Care About It!

The first video really sums it all up in merely 30 minutes, and it is time to swallow the “red pill” again!

Over the last decade, many scientists started pondering the nature of reality openly, and some of them even foreshadow that the Universe as a “giant computer simulation”.

The only clue we have to assume this is that our civilization is on the brink of creating its own full-fledged virtual reality, and which could mean that Universe is a composite of virtual realities, just like a box containing a smaller one and inversely, itself contained in a bigger one — and so on.

COMPOSITE – a solid material which is composed of two or more substances having different physical characteristics and in which each substance retains its identity while contributing desirable properties to the whole (merriam-webster)

While making wild assumptions is very tempting, the latter should not matter in any way because there is only one and sole true reality — and a fake one.

The true reality is devoid of any coercion while the fake one is absolutely ruled by it.

It is either Utopia or Dystopia. Any shift into a fake reality does systematically require coercion and just as seeking to escape from it demands all the lies to be exposed. No Utopian reality would ever accept AI to take over because in that very reality people do not give their consent away. Simple.

There is no middle of the road so to speak but a thin “White Light” guiding each of our steps during our 3 dimensional journey. That’s where the word “enlightenment” comes from. . . seeing the Light.

Forget about any so-called progressive idea such as eating organic and living off-the-grid. None of this really offers long-term solutions. The latter too have become meaningless in the face of what is coming our way. The planet is allowed to be destroyed so that people will rush to worship AI and upload their minds into computers and virtual reality — this the ultimate illusion folks!

We have to (must) quit seeing AI as a potential savior because it is not. The big picture says so, otherwise, we’d hear about AI opposing “green for greed”, coming up with solutions to fix our ecocides, and social turmoil but it won’t because the Cloud is after our minds only. The Cloud’s only purpose is the Hive Mind.

A. Jones is featured in this 30min doc below, and some of you might dislike him, but if so just get over it as Jones is merely summarizing what many AI engineers are saying. Just keep in mind that Musk is out there to sell us AI as well. This is part of the strategy so that people will dismiss the messenger right away, but as a matter of fact all oppositions happen to also tell the truth to get people’s consent.

That’s the game in a nutshell! That is how duality (paradoxically) works and while we understand that some may find this explanation kind of discombobulating, realizing this is the beginning of unlimited awareness leading to the discovery of this “White Line” to walk safely on.

We will need a lot of courage in the few years ahead and only remaining united will get us through this absolutely unprecedented challenge!


The Last Paradox: Does the Universe Have a Mind?
06/26/2017 By Deepak Chopra, MD, and Avtar Singh, PhD

The ALL is Mind, The Universe is Mental (Lesson 1)


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