Most Think Religion Is The Root Of The World’s Problems

We had to skip all the cliches reading in that article and stick to the essential, though this study foreshadows some dark clouds on the horizon.

Religion Needs a Savior – Most people think religion is the root of the world’s problems, according to a recent international study (2018)

USNEWS : The divisions created by religion are deeper and potentially more harmful than those formed through other aspects of identity such as race, nationality or political affiliations because they confront individuals with differing opinions on the ultimate purpose of life, experts say. And more than 80 percent of those surveyed said that religious beliefs guide a person’s behavior.

EARTH CUSTODIANS : This is a half-truth because religion has always been the governments’ favorite tool to conform society. Along with money of course.

Religion takes care of the mind, money the body and its survival, the ruling body makes sure that man-made laws aren’t transgressed. Religion, the State and Money are a Dystopian Trinity that has been with Humanity since the dawn of time.

Religions were drafted when illiteracy was rampant and Priests had to come up with “something” to herd populations because individual thinking has to be feared when it comes down to metaphysics. Discovering that everything is Energy is dangerous. It is not a good thing for people to embark on a journey to discover “who am I?” as they could endanger the hierarchical structure — and the high priests of finance as well.

It is extremely unlikely that bronze age people discovered astronomy when the telescope didn’t even exist nor already understood Natural Laws, unless they were the remnants of some predeluvian and advanced civilizations or had been in touch with some extraterrestrial influence. But long story short, Ancient Traditions “explaining the origins of all the knowledge that exists” remained only accessible to the upper class, and which is the reason why various secret societies began to flourish while religions for the masses became the consensus. Each religion claiming to be the only one true path leading to God.

Tribal tendencies are natural for humans who need groups and community to survive. But the driving forces behind especially alienating, fundamentalist beliefs are a combination of nature and nurture, experts say.

Beliefs are alienating human minds only when they are not molded according to Natural Laws. In a nutshell, Natural Laws are laws that cannot be modified nor altered by humans as they are dictated by Nature. Such as the law of the Cause and Effect stating that we reap what we sow — or even dualism because every word (and situation) has its opposite.

Regardless of their creed, Elites are particularly very fond of dualism because they know that only opposition (resistance) sets anything into motion but also can be used to “divide and conquer”. The system is breathing fundamentalism because of that. And not only religious fundamentalism.

By the way the chart acknowledges what we said above: religion, the state and economics represent 70% of what causes problems on the planet!

Experts agree that finding a human connection at some level can help build empathy and bridge the gap between conflicting ideologies and identities.

Our competitive social framework cannot afford genuine empathy because it instills a lack of trust and commodifies emotions.

Eventually, everybody happens to commit the mistake to act selfishly and this erodes the structure ever further. Until it all crumbles down because any radical change would make it fall apart anyway, in this sense most are not inclined to change what is and would rather wait til the paradigm explodes in their faces — or in the best case scenario, just dies slowly but surely. Though forget about the slow motion here, it is going to hurt big time if we ever failed to wake up in a timely fashion. Time is running out.

“What you’re doing is shifting accountability from an ideology or political movement to god. If you do that, you tend to find that people behave nicer,” Johnston says. “It’s incumbent upon all of us to search our beliefs, our instincts and the rest of it and do what we can to be agents of reconciliation.”

It is also false to assume that pragmatism is going to defeat fanaticism. Just look at the world today. It is not going to be the case because indoctrination itself is against Natural Laws, which favor “independent spirituality” motivated by compassion because every journey is unique.

We are at a very critical juncture today. Time to conceive that the real cause is “monetized beliefs”, which is what religion is about to serve the goals of the state.

A money-free religion is called spirituality.


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