Worldwide Protein Shortage

African Swine Flu Wipes Out 25% Of Earth Pigs

After the Avian Flu that decimated billions of chickens, now comes the African Flu which is described as a new plague and has killed 500 millions of pigs in China already says the video below. Try to picture that many carcasses for a few seconds and you will have a gruesome sense of what is wrong with our society as a whole.

The table shows that there are over 50 billion chickens worldwide: broilers, egg-layers, male chicks and breeders are killed yearly (

As to wonder if is for real. Chinses Dog Festivals won’t be disappearing any time soon. And of course, world labs are already working on a vaccine.

China’s pork shortage puts dog and rabbit meat back on the menu in rural communities

It is a very stable virus and we know that it is going to spread. Human can carry the disease – and climate change and solar minimum also help fuel the pandemic, states the video below. Here we go again, trying to divert the attention from the real cause: speculation on life.

After all all that is needed is a handful of experts declaring that farms are infected and pigs are slaugthered pretty quickly and carcasses taken away for destruction. But how to make disappear that many pigs still is a mystery to us.

We ought to apply critical thinking to everything as the UN Agenda 2030 is already implemented. Food security has been debated more and more over the last 5 years, and this means that crowds are already emotionally prepared to see meet prices go up if not willing to end gluttony.

Pork price in China is 70% more expensive as you read this. And since there is less pork available, other meat prices are too going to go up. That’s a reaction in chain, a cascading effect. Animal feed prices may also be excpected to increase.

Moreover, if we think of all those factories, it is easy for viruses to spread out. Or for some “hidden hands” to plant viruses in these already contaminated places where the livestock is very weak and stuffed with antibiotics to stay alive from birth to slaughter.

On top of that, countless studies have warned that these concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are potentially breeding grounds for superbugs. The animal farm holocaust is on schedule since CAFOs are unsustainable whatsoever. This African Swine Flu is, in fact, very convenient for many reasons!

So all this was foreseeable, the crisis is man-made, no matter how we look at the horror.

Time to switch to plant proteins, folks! Do not believe that one minute as plant proteins are superior by far – just find the supplements that you need from reputable supplement suppliers (don’t fall cheap brands which only use synthetized molecules)

The Final Confrontation: The Vegan vs Vegetarianism vs Meat Debate

Dystopian Farming: 65 Billion Animals Slaughtered Annually Worldwide. What Is Wrong With That Number?

Global Authorities Brace For Worldwide Protein Shortage After “Quarter Of Earth’s Pigs Wiped Out” | 10 -2019

African Swine Fever is killing millions upon millions of pigs all over the world, and this threatens to create a crippling global shortage of protein as we head into 2020. This epidemic began in China last year, and it is now also running wild in North Korea, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar and the Philippines. But this crisis is certainly not limited to Asia. According to the Washington Post, so far in 2019 there have also been outbreaks “in Belgium, Bulgaria, Hungary, Latvia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine.”

China is the epicenter for this crisis, and CNN is reporting that the Chinese herd has “shrunk by around 130 million” since this epidemic first began last year…

And according to the Washington Post, the losses in China are even higher than what CNN is reporting. If you can believe it, the Post says that “as many as half of China’s pigs” have already died…

As many as half of China’s pigs, an estimated 300 million, have died of the virus or been exterminated since the disease took hold 13 months ago.

As the spread of African Swine Fever spreads throughout the Asian Continent, US Congressman Ted Yoho warns all Americans of a global meat crisis. The question is, what caused the crisis, how does the virus spread, and should we expect more?

Meanwhile, this virus just continues to sweep across the globe like wildfire. In fact, we just learned that it has gotten into “two more provinces in the Philippines”…

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