When Autism Made Cavemen Genuises

If you are familiar with the site “Ancient Origins” you may also know that it has a very heavy traffic. And this is an important factor as it propagates the coolness about being autistic. Though if you already have interacted with somebody having an Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD), you have to be aware that it is difficult to establish an emotional connection. In general, people with ASD are compulsive and very self-centered.

But it is all good of course, if taking into account that the rise of AI . And we, at Earth Custodians, believe that it’s why so many toxins in our environment are for ultimately, to alter children’s cognitive makeup, and prepare them for the cold-blooded-hyper-rationality of AI. They will be much less inclined to rebel against the system. An agenda always has multiple purposes, and having a long history of being able to connect the dots and ramifications surely helps. But that’s one of them.

The 2nd most intriguing tidbit of this article is that ASD is being used to claim that the Denisovans were extremely smart and genius-like cavemen capable of creating sophisticate jewelry such as this braclet.

It strikes us as odd that 40,000 years old humans could achieve this level of precision, however. Where did they learn to craft the tools in the first place? That leave us with many question marks if we choose to believe the so-called official story. It is all made up probably, but the other plausible story is that there were previous quite or very advanced civilizations around that that time.

Then the article goes on about this Calendar round displaying the proposed grand calendrical system of the Altai-Baikal region, which is at least 24,000 years old.

Archeologists and historians want us to believe that ASD made them obsessed with certain mathematical patterns, which are well known in Sacred Geometry. They even ponder if the shamanic traditions across eastern Eurasia, could possibly derive originally from the savant-Denisovans… of course this will remain a question floating around for many decades to come.

They also claim that the genes of Denisovans, by some miracle mutated, and made them autistic. But if you have read the blog: Giving Up Darwin…. , the sudden mutation is being more and more shrugged at and discarded as computers found out that there were zero chance for a genetic mutation.

But meanwhile this article is litterally sublimnal hypnosis to make people accept that having ASD is, of course, preferable and admired.

This is really whatever. How far will they go to mind-control the masses and conceal the real history of humanity?

22 OCTOBER, 2019 – Did Autism Make the Denisovans Savants of the Prehistoric Age?

A new genetic study hints strongly that the Denisovans, who roamed the earth down to end of the last ice age, possessed autistic skills, which were then passed on to their modern-human descendants. If correct, then this might at last provide an explanation for the Denisovan’s advanced human behavior and technological innovations.

More than this, it could now help explain the recurrence across many thousands of years of cyclic numbers such as 72, 108, 216, and 432 in ancient king-lists, long-term calendrical systems, and the geometry and design of sacred architecture in southeastern Asia.

In addition to this, high-coverage sequencing of the Denisovan genome in 2012 revealed even more about the genes common both to Denisovans and to modern humans. They included ADSL and CNTNAP2, genes that when mutated are known to trigger autism . This raises the question of whether or not the Denisovan brain might have functioned in a manner similar to that of someone on the autistic spectrum today.

If this is true, then the additional knowledge that the Denisovan genome and modern human genome both share two genes— ADSL and CNTNAP2 that when mutated can trigger ASD again raises of question of whether or not the Denisovans might themselves have possessed savant-like skills.

Accelerated Technological Growth
Yet the effect of CNVs such as 16p11.2 on both the Denisovans and their earliest modern human hybrid descendants might have gone far deeper, for the existence among them of ASD could explain why the last of the Siberian Denisovans went through an accelerated period of technological growth prior to their disappearance around 45,000 years ago. From the creation of the beautiful Denisovan bracelet , a 45,000-year-old choritolite arm bangle displaying signs of sophisticated drilling, design, and polishing, to the invention of bone needles for sewing, the creation of the earliest musical instrument in the form of a whistle or flute , and the development of both microblade stone tool technology and pressure flaking techniques , might all have resulted from an enhanced perception and creativity of a type so often associated with ASD savants.

LONG/FULL ARTICLE: https://www.ancient-origins.net/news-evolution-human-origins/denisovans-autism-0012758

2016: Meet the Denisovans
Genomic research is writing the story of our most enigmatic cousins.

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