Carbon Capture Is Here!

“Climate change” is showing its true colors and scientists are definitely onto something that goes beyond the comprehension of most people. In no way, science would spend billions of dollars on projects such as “carbon capture” and “sun dimming” just for the fun of it.

Yes, we know and wonder: they can merely pretend and stage everything — and the gullible crowds will cheer anyway! But what if all this was for real?

From a rational standpoint, these 2 endeavors are cover-ups to divert the attention from the pillage of Nature, ongoing ecocides and society’s destructive consuming habits. Corporations are free to pollute like never before. None of that are concerns for these scientists working on these projects of course.

Think fossil fuels are bad? Nuclear energy is even worse… there is a global stockpile of around 250,000 tonnes of highly radioactive spent fuel distributed across some 14 countries.

But here is something even more troubling: when looking closer, sun dimming and CO2 capturing seem to complete one another. Both seek to deprive the planet from its CO2, when CO2 is plant food — while on top of that nothing is being really done to stop monoculture and deforestation for example. The Amazon was still burning two weeks ago, we read online.

Charles Eisenstein: What is the Water Paradigm?
One thing I discovered in my research is that many of the things that are blamed on global warming are actually, to a large extent, caused by disruptions in the hydrological cycle. Disruptions to water. (14mins)

Holistically speaking reforesting the planet according to its original bodiversity, would be much less expensive than implementing such lunatic projects and whose long-term side-effects are compeletely unknown.

But what if the plan is to pursue “terraforming”? Sounds absolutely crazy, doesn’t it?

Well not that much anymore when aware that semi-artificial organisms are being created. That world governments have developed huge DNA database. And that SynBio is advancing at the speed of light without any accountability. This is no secret. This is hidden in plain sight. The deliberate alteration of the human genome is no longer science-fiction.

New Semi-Synthetic Organism Can Make Molecules We’ve Never Seen Before…

What is even more disturbing is that scientists continue their lab experiments without even pondering the consequence of such alien molecules accidentally landing in our environment. We shouldn’t kid oursevelves: those semi-synthetic organisms haven’t been created just for the fun of it.

At the level, the agenda requires the use of money to consolidate the top and fund lobbies preventing others from speaking out. And of course buying time, propelling the agenda ahead of the curve.

Please note, this is exxonmobile’s youtube account…..

  • Please note, this is exxonmobile’s youtube account… Scientists believe Carbon Capture technology for industrial plants is critical for lowering emissions. That’s why we’re working to improve it.* (30 secs)

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