Is The Inexorable Rise Of Green Hydrogen REALLY Worth It?

If hydrogen constitutes 93% of all atoms of the universe, Green Hydrogen basically is hydrogen extracted from renewable energy sources. At first when coming across the quoted article right below, we became highly enthusiastic but as we continued searching for more data, we came to the realization that Green Hydrogen (GH) was not going to keep its promises.

Why would you ask?

Simply because GH is obtained from renewables, so in order to get there, we must consume or process renewable resources first. Then also, we have a loss of efficiency handling GH, going up to 30%. The video is pretty informative and we recommend it.


And that doesn’t make much sense — even in a money-free society — does it?

Of course, nothing is set in stone as knowledge progresses, and who knows, maybe in a few years from now, research will be able to circumvent these issues. But it looks like GH is set to become the next big thing. Or more realistically, the next big scam considering our competition model.

Blackstone Mining Company, for example, and according to its own video claims that GH can be obtained from zinc ore, then turning the zinc into zinc oxide: 170lbs zinc powder gives 24kg hydrogen, which is completely appalling, knowing that mining companies poison the environment with higly toxic chemicals.

This gives you an idea about what some are willing to do to enrich themselves further. Because Hydrogen is in everything, the monkey manking mentality will just stop at nothing.

And this is why we need a money-free society!

We are headed for a “solar panels and batteries” ecocide because the recycling market is much too slow to develop due to a lack of incentives. Wall Street financiers would rather destroy the planet for profit than going into “degrowth mode”, and see their products lose value on the stock exchanges.

We are pretty stuck, regardless of the current mainstream solutions out there, and society will have to stretch it way more. But you will see, climate alarmists will push for GH from all sides!

Yet here at Earth Custodians , we feel compelled to advocate for more research about sonoluminescence for example, as demonstrated in this 3min video below, and which could open the doorway to fusion. Not to confuse with today’s nuclear power plants using uranium for nuclear fission, which is why nuclear energy is potentially deadly. Nuclear fusion is very eco-friendly.

Energy wise we are still wandering the woods, and the stock market is dooming the planet, every day … a little bit more.

The slow, inexorable rise of green hydrogen (sept 2019)

The agency said the 19 exajoules that could be provided by clean hydrogen in 2050 would correspond to around 5% of global energy consumption. The Hydrogen Council of chief executives has set a target of meeting 17% of demand by that point. Around 14.4 exajoules of hydrogen are produced each year at the moment but around 95% of it comes from natural gas and coal.

The cost of green hydrogen supply is falling and will continue to do so, the authors of the paper state, with most of the relevant technology already at, or near commercial viability. However, IRENA says more needs to be done to reduce the price of electrolyzers and supply-chain logistics.

Advances in electrolysis will be gradual, predicted IRENA, ensuring the price of the process will not be halved from its current $860/kW installed until 2050. The authors of the report did note, though: “Renewable hydrogen will soon become the cheapest clean hydrogen supply option for many greenfield applications.”



Green hydrogen: Produced from renewable energy sources (2019)

10 Countries Moving Toward a Green Hydrogen Economy
It’s early days for renewable hydrogen, but the potential is enormous, and several nations have an eye on the driver’s seat.

Japan venture aims to build 80 hydrogen fuelling stations by 2022 (2018)

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