Even Planting Trees May Be Proven Hazardous Now

The climate change argument is really not needed to understand why any type of monoculture is empoverishing the soil.

Planting a trillion trees could be the “most effective solution” to climate change, study says https://www.cbsnews.com/news/planting-a-trillion-trees-could-be-the-most-effective-solution-to-climate-change/

If you run a quick search, you will see that many countries have pledged planting millions of trees, or have done so already. We do not have any stats to share with you about which tree species are being planted but we are certain that these endevors do not respect the species ratios that nature needs to thrive.

We are setting ourselves up for another ecocide: the depletion of our soils. It is time to think of Nature in holistic terms. Natural Laws are supreme and “climate change religion” is completely ignoring that.

We didn’t highlight The Wrong Kind Of Green article because it is just too long, it has to be read. The deception continues unabated and it is jaw dropping.

As we have said many times already, we ought to be ready to initiate an “economic degrowth”, for and by WE THE PEOPLE as a transition toward a money-free society. We need to become the masters of our destinies!

Greta Thunberg and the UN Climate Summit should reject monoculture tree plantations as a false solution

21 Sep, 2019

Hence, the same fossil fuel industry and the agribusiness companies, largely responsible for the climate crisis and destruction of the life support systems of our planet, will nonetheless have a strong presence at the UN Climate Summit.

An encouraging development in the Climate Summit agenda is the increased attention given to mitigation opportunities in the land sector, called ‘Nature Based Solutions’ (NBS). NBS is one of nine workstreams for the Summit, and one of the most prominent. The NBS should ideally be grounded on ecosystems-based solutions at the community level, leading to climate actions on land and community tenure rights, community governance, restoration, and agroecology. But we are yet to see any commitments emerging out from the NBS team that the workstream will not be held hostage to false solutions and market trading schemes, monocuoture plantations and forestry offsets…………

We are yet to hear from Greta her commitment against monoculture tree plantations and offsets and neither have we heard anything from the Secretary General or his NBS team. We need strong voices not only naming the problem, but also denouncing false solutions., and as soon as possible. The recent events in California confirm concerns from the grassroots that years of organizing for climate justice is being appropriated by polluting industry with the help of big money corporate environmental organizations and compromised state agencies who are clearly far more interested in protecting polluters and their profits than they are interested in protecting people and the planet…………..

There is no time left for offsets, and there may be even less time to insure that an authentically concerned public is provided the vocabulary we all need to avoid falling into a nefarious trap of industry designed climate policy that will not effectively respond to the crisis and that will indeed make the situation worse………..
FULL ARTICLE: https://globalforestcoalition.org/climate-summit-tree-plantations/


Wrong Kind of Green Oct 19, 2019 Social Engineering, United Nations
October 19, 2019

Perfect distractions come with talking points and bring framing to the issue they come to embody. Like the Extinction Rebellion leaders, and Green New Deal proponents, Greta, under advice from a range of experts, leaves the fantastical assumptions in the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) mitigation plans well alone. Kevin Anderson who has given Greta advice in the past despairs at the “technical utopias”, unfathomable quantities of biomass burning, and as-yet-not-invented air capture machines that fill 3 of the 4 IPCC mitigation ‘pathways’. I’m astonished that even the 1 pathway commissioned by the IPCC that could be called a ‘degrowth’ pathway is also rarely discussed.

While the IPCC present fantastical mitigation plans supposedly representing the global consensus but with little basis in reality; the statements, networking activities, and research & development investments of fossil fuel giants tell another story. Events held, messages provided, and statements released during the UN Climate Action Summit show that the oil and gas industry are getting exactly what they want. Relentless extractivism in service of the consumer economy was the big winner around which climate action plans will be built.


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