Giving Up Darwin… The Economy Is an Organism

When we take a closer look at the world economy, anybody with a good sense of observation will perceive what is wrong with darwinian theories. If the latter have condoned 1% to own as much wealth as the bottom 50%, then  there is no other way to put it: those theories are completely flawed.

Over 1000 ‘Scientists’ Sign “Dissent From Darwinism”:

Nature does not really care about who wins the game but if we care about one another. And the financial elites have succeeded so far because they are united in their goals, meaning that they can only rule if we are divided. They are using a Natural Law and twist it at our expenses. As soon as we would be able to unite, due to our number — 99%, we immediately would triumph over this great injustice.

The Occult Origins Of Darwinism

Monetarism will never work out because it is a divisive mechanism to start with. Additonally it also spreads individualism: each to him/herself, while neglecting the paradoxes caused by that very premise. Moreover it is also dividing within as selfishness remains the main drive. Inquality is ever increasing. The success of charities is extremly limited. They are mere money machines to sustain their CEOs salaries and that of their employees. Throwing money at the problems is fruitless.

So how can people unite if they already feel a disconnect deep inside?

Beyond a certain point, as soon as we begin to make profits, we hurt others. Competiton within a top down model deprives a vast majority from having different choices. Those very limitations cause artificial scarcity. Getting into debt cannot make it right. Taking more out than what one puts in creates deep imbalances, with some having more and many having much less.

In our current premise, the more money one has the more freedoom, and that’s no incentive to decrease structural violence. People living with less access to the things they need or want will tend to become violent towards others — or themselves. Psychological morbitidy is also violence after all.

So if we do not respect the Laws governing Nature and our relationships with Her, self-destruction gradually begins infiltrating our lifestyle on all 3 planes of Life: emotional, physical and metaphysical.

Every living cell has it owm program and knows what to do on its own. Every animal has the necessary awareness to fulfill its role in Nature, and although we may happen to perceive Nature as harsh and even cruel, we are also mesmerized by its inherent spontaneous balance. There is a reason as why the lion, for example, only succeeds in catching a prey 40% of the time and only eats every 2 or 3 days. The lion obeys the Laws of Nature.

Ever Heard Of The 2012 Cambridge Declaration On Animal Consciousness?

In the animal kingdom, there is no uncessary kills. When we attentively scrutinize Nature, every living organism participates in Her continuation.

The scourge that brought upon us the misguiding theory of the fittest has tained society on many levels. Material succees has taught us to envy the wealthy and feel miserable if failing to be like “them”, the root cause of frustration and low self-esteem, which also condone more structural violence and environmental pillage because the majority will choose to indulge into materialism as a way to cope with the system.

We are headed for a last stage cancer, should we fail to understand that neglecting the sufferings of others and our own will just end up killing our host: the planet.

But that will require to end darwnism too so that we can reshape human psychology completely. And the challenge is not really religious but the acknowledgement that the economy itself is an organism following an Intelligent Design.

Forget about the “sudden random mutation” theory.

How To End The Perpetual Alienation Of People’s Birthrights?

Economic Calculation in a Natural Law / RBE, Peter Joseph, The Zeitgeist Movement, Berlin


(this is the paragraph explaing why “sudden mutation theory” requires faith and turns out being completely unscientific)

…………… What proportion of these many polypeptides are useful proteins? Douglas Axe did a series of experiments to estimate how many 150-long chains are capable of stable folds—of reaching the final step in the protein-creation process (the folding) and of holding their shapes long enough to be useful. (Axe is a distinguished biologist with five-star breeding: he was a graduate student at Caltech, then joined the Centre for Protein Engineering at Cambridge. The biologists whose work Meyer discusses are mainly first-rate Establishment scientists.) He estimated that, of all 150-link amino acid sequences, 1 in 1074 will be capable of folding into a stable protein. To say that your chances are 1 in 1074 is no different, in practice, from saying that they are zero. It’s not surprising that your chances of hitting a stable protein that performs some useful function, and might therefore play a part in evolution, are even smaller. Axe puts them at 1 in 1077.
In other words: immense is so big, and tiny is so small, that neo-Darwinian evolution is—so far—a dead loss. Try to mutate your way from 150 links of gibberish to a working, useful protein and you are guaranteed to fail. Try it with ten mutations, a thousand, a million—you fail. The odds bury you. It can’t be done……. MORE

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We believe this coincidence with the Cambrian Explosion may not be fortuitous but consistent with a key prediction of H-W theory whereby major extinction-diversification evolutionary boundaries coincide with cometary-bolide bombardment events delivering hypothesized viruses, microorganism, and more complex eukaryotic systems to Earth during the past 4.5 Billion years of Earth history. Not all of such incoming living systems would necessarily take hold, and substantial terrestrial based evolutionary processes (whatever the actual molecular genetic mechanisms) are also expected to be on going…. MORE:


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