The High Price of Putting a Price on Nature

The planetary and systemtic insanity lies in the fact that we must value anything to be able to trade. But who sets those values in the firs place? The Money Managers first, they are the one deciding what will sell or not, just like maestros they create and erase trends as they see fit, with their magic wands.

And we, as consumers, just follow like puppets. And here is an example:

38% Of American Cars Were Electric In 1900:

Then we didn’t hear about the electric car for decades, because the oil monopoly had figured out that there were way more earnings to rake with autoparts for combustion engines… The Money Managers really acted brilliantly, that was one of their most impressive magic tricks ever. They managed to make vanish a whole electric car market practically overnight. Then the Managers sold us Elon Musk who is regarded as a genius playing a major role in the development of electric cars.

It is very plausible that cars would be running on hydrogen today if creativity had been left alone and non monetized. Of course a majority still may think this is because the markets are not free, but we beg to differ, competition is anti-free market! That’s the paradox in a nutshell. Insolvable puzzle… unless money is abolished!

Then comes another deadly absurdity: the valuations based on the values engineered by the Money Managers, and of course being completely dependent on their willingness to please consumers and businesses alike. But the problem is that businesses must come first because they are the ones at the top of the hiring process. Without them, no jobs… and no consumers. Such a prioritization becomes very harmful in the long run because it insidiously favors profits over human life — and life in general. So here is our 2nd example for this blog:

Ocean Assets Valued at $24 Trillion, but Dwindling Fast | WWF (2015)

The World Wide Fund and the like are part of the problem because they accept the notion that Life has a market value, and that is why they act against what they claim doing.

As soon as we define the value of something, anything, that very something/anything regulates the demand and supply. And of course the Money Managers are still in control since they are the ones defining the market values. So the more value, the bigger the rush is going to be like!

Even asteroids have been valuated at trillions and quatrillions of dollars. This merely tells us that value itself eventually goes out of control. Where we are at now… market are squeezing everyting they can out of just anything.

India: The Toxic Price of Leather:

We have entered the very last phase of financial Dystopia but the Money Managers are still at it, using any new tricks possible, such as climate change and 5G. Almost anything we buy is detrimental to the environment and our health, one way or another.

We do not have a climate issue but pollution one and that pollution is tied to the “tyranny of value”. And to break free from the “tyranny of value” we’ll have to let it go first.

As long as the chase on value remains our model, our own self-destruction will get one step closer daily.

The Price of Putting a Price on Nature (SEPT 2019)

The real question for me is whether human beings have the right to put a price, a cap and trade, a bond or a derivative, on Nature and other sentient beings — ever. Is it in our place to put a price the joy of our children, as their faces light up in rapture watching a wave crashing on the beach or an eagle hunting at sunset? On the chorus of songbirds that rouse us from a summer slumber as a faint breeze tousles our blankets? On a forest so alive that to walk through it makes your very skin tingle with the crackling of dry leaves and the smell of pine?

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