China Has More Billionaires Than Any Other Nation State

That shouldn’t surprise anyone as China is the most centralized country in our day and age, kickbacks are even more pervasive than in the West there.

Interestingly, we have China and the United States on top of the pyramid, another proof that labels don’t matter, because extremes of any spectrum just lead to the same outcome.

But Chinese billionaires also owe most of their fortune to the beyond insane “housing boom” that is propelling their economy. It has provided an income to millions of construction workers, but at what price? Some of their ghost cities are as big as Manhattan, claims the video below.

Why are there dozens of ‘ghost cities’ in China? | The World


While the situation is not as critical in the West, still nothing is done and the housing bubble is back into full force to the pre-2008 existing levels.

According to the Guardian, European Union figures show that there are 4.1 million homeless living across Europe, while there are 11 million empty homes across the continent…. In addition, approximately 3.5 million people in the U.S. are homeless, many of them veterans. It is worth noting that, at the same time, are 18.5 million vacant homes in the country.” (

Bubbles of all kinds and slave wages are really the foundation of our global economy, and until we end the mascarde for good with a resource based economy, nothing will stop the assault on Life. A couple of weeks ago, we posted the part 1 of Peter Joseph’ series, here is the 2nd one. We definitely recommend to watch all episodes.

30 Countries With The Most Billionaires In 2018

China has the most billionaires in the world, with 248 more than the next closest country, the United States, according to the Hurun Global Rich List. There are 819 billionaires in China, 571 in the United States, 131 in India, and 118 in the United Kingdom.

London was the only British city in the top 30, laying claim to 70 of the 118 billionaires in the United Kingdom.

With 31 additional billionaires, India replaced Germany, where it currently stands at 5th place with 114 billionaires. The list of Indian billionaires does not include billionaires of Indian origin, which would increase the number to 170.

The report further stated that there are 114 billionaires in Germany, followed by 83 in Switzerland, 71 in Russia, 51 in France, and 49 in both Brazil and Canada.

In another record-breaking year for billionaires, in total, there are now 2,694 billionaires in the world, up 437 from last year. Their total wealth increased by 31% to $10.5 trillion

Interestingly, the “Big Five” – China, the United States, India, the United Kingdom, and Germany with 819, 571, 131, 118, and 114 billionaires, making up over 65% of the billionaires on the planet.


Culture in Decline | Episode #2 “Economics 101” by Peter Joseph

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