The Failure Of Our Global Leadership — And Civilization

No matter how we look at the picture, anybody having a critical sense a little bit trained, can quickly see that the problem goes higher up where knowledge is distorted then reshuffled as lies and promises.

Of course, personal responsibility translates into the Law of Cause and Effect. When failing at a personal responsibility level, the sentence cannot be stopped, although a great awareness can be used as damage control. Meaning that the crowds also must stop asking their lawmakers what they do not want to let go: power.

Behind every ecocide we find Academic corruption by the financialization of knowledge and politicians in bed with lobbies. An omnipotent Triumvira.

A triumvirate is a political regime ruled or dominated by three powerful individuals known as triumvirs. (WIKI)

Most organizations never seek to address this problem but hope that the Triumvira will acknowledge their demands and act upon them. This is a deaf-mute dialogue completely alienating at its finest. We have had the same social structure for millennia and we still talk in circle.

But talking of circle, these drawings demonstrate the impasse we are faced with. For decades, and until today, we have worshiped the linear economy. Hence the staggering waste at every level. The reuse economy is almost nowhere because businesses have less profit margin, what is a death sentence in this environment. So they are going to do everything to keep the “linear model” afloat. Now this said, and to be fair, the access economy is gaining attention and various places renting household and outdoor appliances and tools are starting to pop up, and its gives some hope.

Of course, when considering the potential of a “circular economy”, we clearly can see why profits would be close to meaningless within such a framework since most profits derive from the direct plunder of natural resources. We have a very serious problem!

There you have it in a nutshell. Why global leadership is an utter failure and nothing will happen as long as we keep hoping for our world regulators and industrialists to give up their lethal ways of handling world affairs.

We might have to go through a total breakdown of society to initiate the transition. None of the “school strike groups” aren’t very concerned with REAL economics: they are not going to support the circular economy, otherwise they will be put out of business too due to lack of funding.

Society is caught at its own game of profit seeking. Genuine solutions are simple when available to everybody. The spend and waste mentality has to go…

Time for RBE!

The Disease Of Our Global Civilization – Peter Joseph


Spratt commends activists, but said that they alone can’t save the world unless change happens higher up.
“I think the community is organizing and doing its best, but its leaders are failing them, almost absolutely,” he said. In the interview, researcher David Spratt argues that we are well on our way toward a future where total societal collapse is followed by widespread war and famine, thanks to global leadership failing to address the problem.

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