Burger King’s Dirty Secret Hidden In The (Burning) Amazon Rainforest

Earth Custodians really think that Nature made us omnivores to be able to go through winters originally, but when it was discovered that salt could preserve meat and fish, our species started eating animal proteins more regularly.

Throughout the centuries, eating meat was also a social class thing, poor people didn’t eat meat that often at all. It is also useful to mention that lay hens have been genetically modified since the mid 1950s or so to produce 1 egg per day. That little fact alone made chicken meat, all of a sudden, much more available on the market place.

However and with all the knowledge in nutrition we have, and all the organic supplements at our disposal, there is NO need to eat meat anymore. There is a reason as why Nature is turning against us: overconsuming meat causes cancer and diabetes, what was known 20 years ago already, but the meat industry had to find ways to hook its clients while buying political influence.

As a matter of fact, there are many plants containing essential amino acids which easily can replace meat too. Plant protein mixes are more than ever available in health stores. For those who still want meat, at best with 1/2 lb worth of meat weekly should be more than enough. Most people eat that amount every day. Livestock suffering as a whole tells another story. Farm factories are a mere atrocity.

But further feeding our livestock is too a huge problem since we must destroy Nature to feed animals that feed society. Something is deeply wrong with this picture. This is the Universe telling us that we cannot continue on this absurd path.

Another eye opener here is that fires started in the Amazon Rainforest are linked to cattle ranchers and soy plantations, which need ever more space to satisfy meat demand and be able feed that very livestock.

We don’t know but when a habit is highly destructive such as this one, there is no other way to call it: it is an addiction. On one end an addiction to profit, and on the other, addiction to the meat taste. The result is jaw dropping as it is causing one of the worse ecocide ever our planet has known to date.

If people do not understand why they must change their diet and fast, we are doomed. Sorry. Gluttony is capital sin according to the bible and although we are no bible followers here at EC, now we all understand why.

Moreover, we ought to think our way out because it’s obvious that Greenpeace and the like cannot do a thing, that we must join force and each of us act upon this matter by spreading the word. These international orgs are just good to spread the data around but are completely vain and futile when it comes down to get the work done.

All the billions and millions of dollars donated to them have been flushed down the drain for decades. Orgs like Extinction Rebellion will not help either since the solution lies at the very consumer level and letting go capitalism. All what these people will help create are new restrictive regulations and taxes on goods.

By the way, soy is only one the the main culprits, another big one is palm oil. Palm oil plantations are now a major driver of deforestation in the Ecuadorian Amazon https://www.amazonfrontlines.org/chronicles/palm-oil-amazon-health/

The Universe only recognizes personal responsibility, and until a critical mass gets it, it is going to get way worse. Please engage and let’s work toward the achievement of this critical mass. It is not too late… we need RBE and to get rid of capitalism for good!

How does a Resource Based Economy work? | Economy aligned with the laws of nature

Burger King Linked to a Whopping Million-Plus Acres of Deforestation. Half of Brazil’s savanna is already gone, and big soy has taken over (2017)

……. “The soybeans connected to deforestation are making their way to the feed of the chickens, pigs, and cows that people all around the world eat,” says Glenn Hurowitz, CEO of the campaign group Mighty Earth. “Almost every international company that sells meat has some connection to deforestation in their supply chain.”

Enter Burger King.

Using satellite and supply-chain mapping tools, Mighty Earth connected the fast-food giant to a whopping million-plus acres of forest-clearing. In its new report, “The Ultimate Mystery Meat,” the global campaign organization identified two of Burger King’s biggest soy suppliers as the culprits: Cargill, the largest privately owned company in the United States, and Bunge, one of the biggest players in South America.

“The destruction of tropical forests causes something around one-fifth of the world’s total climate pollution, and deforestation also threatens some of the most endangered species in the world,” says Hurowitz.

Ground zero for deforested land is the Cerrado, a 500-million-acre savanna in Brazil. Home to 5 percent of the world’s biodiversity, including threatened species like the jaguar and the giant anteater, half of it has been destroyed—mostly for soy production. In contrast, the Amazon—the Cerrado’s more-famous neighbor to the north and the focus of decades of conservation efforts—has seen a quarter of its ecosystem chopped down.

The Cerrado areas in which Cargill operates experienced more than 320,000 acres of deforestation between 2011 to 2015, while those in which Bunge operates had more than 1.4 million acres cleared. Not all of the deforestation was driven by soy, but much of it was, according to the report.

Also affected were forests in Bolivia, where Cargill and Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) are the major players. One of the most biodiverse countries in the world, Bolivia’s forests are home to thousands of plant and animal species, including three-toed sloths, macaws, and pink river dolphins. One report Mighty Earth cited places Bolivia’s deforestation rate at more than 700,000 acres per year from 2010 to 2015. MORE: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/green-life/burger-king-linked-whopping-million-plus-acres-deforestation



Here’s what we know about the fires in the Amazon rainforest (AUG 2019)
This year’s fires fit with an established seasonal agricultural pattern, said CNN meteorologist Haley Brink. “It’s the best time to burn because the vegetation is dry. (Farmers) wait for the dry season and they start burning and clearing the areas so that their cattle can graze. And that’s what we’re suspecting is going on down there.” “The vast majority of these fires are human-lit,” said Poirier, who explained that even during dry seasons, the rainforest cannot catch fire easily, unlike, say, the dry bushlands of California or Australia…..

Setzer believes 99% of the fires result from human actions “either on purpose or by accident.” Fires are caused by small-scale agricultural practices or mechanized and modern agribusiness projects, Setzer told CNN by email. Across the globe, cleared land is needed to expand agriculture and other activities, such as the cattle ranching, soy production and logging favored in Brazil, according to Nigel Sizer, a tropical forest ecologist and chief program officer with the Rainforest Alliance. “It is responsible for 80% to 90% of the loss of tropical forests around the world,” Sizer said. Already, 20% of the wider Amazon biome, including not only the rainforest but adjacent regions, has been lost to mining, logging, farming, hydropower dams and roads, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

Governments around the world are considering taxing red meat like tobacco in an effort to curb climate change (AUG 2109)
A new report by Fitch Solutions reveals that a “sin tax” currently put on products like sugary drinks and tobacco could soon be applied to meat globally.
Like sugar, red meat has been linked to an increased risk of cancer, heart disease, stroke and diabetes.
This research follows a recent UN report that found that the human food system accounts for 37% of all greenhouse-gas emissions.
Introducing a tax on meat would likely accelerate the recent trend of vegetarian, vegan and “flexitarian” diets.
Fitch Solutions claims if taxes were as successful at constraining the global appetite for meat, the reduction in carbon emissions could be enormous.

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