UN:“Climate Apartheid” Imminent. Only the Rich Will Survive.

Do we have a mega pollution or a climate crisis?

Since the climate crisis is the symptom of trashing the environment, why not calling it a “pollution crisis” instead?

It is important because people will tend to go along with spraying 1000s of tons of carbonate and sulfate particles (whose long term side effects are UNknown) in the skies instead of expecting the shut down the worst environmental offenders … not to mention that the spraying most likely would have to go on forever due to the risk of a “termination shock”…. eventually spraying will be exposed as another threat. (see our previous blog)

Further, since we choose to call it a “pollution crisis”, have you heard of anybody jailed for ecocide? This alone is the evidence that the globalists do not care at all. And know that climate change is not the real threat.

Just ask yourself why so many super-rich have bunkers and why all the underground bases? The YT channel Suspiciosu0bservers is truly recommended if you want an alternative take, and our intuition says that Suspiciosu0bservers are closer to the truth. They have close to 500K subscribers already. (see link at the bottom page)

Even though, we do not think that the climate/pollution crisis is going to worsen that fast, just in case please consider getting a small green house and organic seeds of all kinds, or just grow food indoor. Because prices are going to go up, whether true or not. Guaranteed. That will add some “weight” to the environmental crisis. The agenda is designed to squeeze our wallets, leaves us on limited food supply and emotionally drained, so that we become more manipulable.

We even didn’t feel like dissecting the 2 links below, we all know that they merely are foreshadowing the enthronement of the UN as the world government.

To end the madness, let’s end monetarism…


The global food supply is on the brink of disaster, according to a newly published report by the United Nation’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change…. More than 100 experts contributed to the report, which concludes that climate change is already negatively impacting food production in real ways. And the problem is poised to get even worse if global temperatures continue to increase — though it’s not yet too late to avoid a total catastrophe.

“Climate Apartheid” Is Imminent. Only the Rich Will Survive. (JUNE 2019)

A UN report predicts the global poor won’t be able to escape the worst of the climate crisis….. The report describes how the poorest 3.5 billion people in the world are responsible for ten percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, while the richest ten percent of the global population is responsible for half.

“Perversely, the richest, who have the greatest capacity to adapt and are responsible for and have benefited from the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions, will be the best placed to cope with climate change,” U.N. poverty and human rights official Philip Alston wrote in the report, “while the poorest, who have contributed the least to emissions and have the least capacity to react, will be the most harmed.”….


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