The “Dimming” Is Upon Us

EC and anybody following our blog did see it come, once again, we now have the facts on our side, that fighting climate change will be costly and not initiated for a greater good. Of course, we have to assume that only countries that can afford the price tag, will be saved from extreme climate and that those that cannot be offered mega loans in a desperate but humanitarian move.

The Dimming: Groundbreaking Geoengineering Documentary Is In Production | TRAILER (2018)

It’s $3.5bn per country multiplied by 80 amounts to $280 billion the first year. And $180bn there after. A calculation comprising only the so-called rich nations. At this stage, it is not said how long the project is supposed to last. It is also useful to remember that all these projections always turn out being way more costly over time, thanks to the so many unknown factors!

Moreover, how can we be sure that only “carbonate dust” will be used, and not any other hazardous particles, considering that nanotech can already be found in some cleaning supplies for example?

Nanotechnology companies are finding ways to make the world a cleaner place by exploring three methods for improving cleaning products.

We surely do not want to sound paranoid, countless scenarios possible but we leave them to your imagination. But maybe is it time to consider buying gas masks however.

Then back to the article saying that the funding of this endeavor will come from the military budget. That does mean that the army will be in charge and that the militarization of society is speeding up, what do you think?

And of course, there are threats coming along with it, climate change real or not….

First geoengineering experiment to dim the sun on track for 2019: At best, solar geoengineering only masks the effects of such pollution rather than reducing it. Related worries are the potential “termination shock” if the practice is ever ceased, unforeseen side effects and the difficulty of governing it across borders….

Problem-reaction-solution, and now taxpayers are on the tab to finance another Dystopian idea. Time to end monetarism because most scientists will always follow the money and side with power otherwise, they have lost all critical judgment and moral compass.

Bill Gates backing plan to stop climate change by blocking out the sun (AUG 2019)

The researchers suggest that jets flying 12 miles up would complete over 60,000 missions in 15 years, starting with a fleet of eight and moving up to 100 planes.

At present, there are no aircraft capable of doing this, so they would need to be developed…….. The Harvard researchers have claimed that (if it were launched this year), it would cost about $3.5 billion (£2.74 billion)… plus $2.25 billion (£1.76 billion) per year. The researchers said last year, ‘Dozens of countries would have both the expertise and the money to launch such a program. ‘Around 50 countries have military budgets greater than $3 billion, with 30 greater than $6 billion.’

In 2019, Scientists Funded by Bill Gates to Spray Particles Into the Sky in First Experiment to Dim the Sun (2018)

The Dimming: Groundbreaking Geoengineering (2018)

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