How Drones Could Change The Shipping Industry

The video is a typical “for profit argument” …. people will get what they order online FASTER!

Really? Let’s sort a few things out first:

Yes, the upside is good news for dumping monetarism as automation is unavoidable, but downside as presented, is that it is merely a way to ever increase consumption (clients’ satisfaction) and that our airspace would be invaded by cargo drones as a result, hence creating hazards of another kind.

A RBE (resource based economy) model might still utilize drones but the whole point is to produce more locally. Grow hemp, build vertical farms, 3D printing for furniture and clothing, etc. All of which would make cargo drones much less attractive.

This is yet another example as why our current model cannot fix itself since everything is overconsumption oriented to sustain the unsustainable. Can’t science, all those engineers, see that?

It is utterly important that we begin to think in those terms to rebuild biodiversity and recreate an environment with much less pollution. We do not need to import as much from other countries anymore, should we start using technology for a greater good as opposed to profit and wealth transfer.

And this also means that there is no need at all for AI (there will be enough volunteers willing to track all that with conventional computers) which is sold to us as a problem solver while it is already selling human data as a new digital currency. Technology should make our life simpler. Not the other way round.

And actually when you watch the video below, it is clear that our global trade has become an insolvable puzzle that money can no longer fix.

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