AI Can Predict With 95% Accuracy If You Will Quit Your Job

Humans need assistance from machine learning? But AI will replace 50% of workers by 2025, as all these cubicle jobs along with low skilled tasks will disappear at steady pace. So what? Who can afford to go back to school, to get a higher degree, when one has a family to feed?

The funny thing is that Ginni Rometty said that the traditional HR departments are no longer efficient, but AI saved IBM 300 million dollars after replacing 30% of the IBM HR staff. AI is well trained, also following the money.

BLOOMBERG: “If you have a skill that is not needed for the future and is abundant in the market and does not fit a strategy my company needs, you are not in a good square to stay inside of,” Rometty said. “I really believe in being transparent about where skills are.”

But since mega computers, or AI, will also eventually take over jobs like surveillance agents, surgeons and even judges, this gives us an idea about what this really entails for the job market. And then, sure, we’ll have basic income that will help many not to starve.

Cynically, many firms will choose to save money and people will get laid off, without even having started to look for another job. But yet again, what are the prospects if the job market takes a nose dive?

CNBC: If the U.S. continues to raise a wall of tariffs on Chinese goods in the coming months and China responds, expect a global recession in three quarters, Morgan Stanley said Monday. “As we view the risk of further escalation as high, the risks to the global outlook are decidedly skewed to the downside,” Morgan Stanley chief economist Chetan Ahya said.

So what are the chance for the trade war to end when one is aware that the planet is utterly broke and amid an AI takeover? Of course that does not mean war in 9 months, but as people begin to feel the pinch, they might support a military action. Remember that they need our consent to do anything, somehow. Because the game itself is enslavement by consent.

If some of you are still determined to vote, there only are 3 worthy options left out there: Marianne Wiliamson, Tulsi Gabbard, or even bolder: Steve Saylor for the money-free party. In this 20min video Steve states the obvious about monetarism. Gabbard is the anti-war candidate and we blogged about her 6 weeks or so ago. Just scroll down.

I’m not simply prosecuting a case against Donald Trump; I’m prosecuting a case against the system that produced him. What is holding America back is not simply corrupt individuals but rather a corrupt system. In truth, some very nice people work within that system and either don’t realize how corrupt it is, feel trapped within it, or are fighting it from within. That is why someone who is not from within that system is the best person to be president next. No ties to corporate donors. No ties to the system that took us to where we are. Donald Trump did not create all this mess: the mess created Donald Trump. And if all we do is defeat him, then the forces that are most dangerous will be back in ‘22 and ‘24. We need a complete pattern disruption of the social, political and economic status quo in the United States. Looking to the status quo to disrupt the status quo is illogical. I hope you’ll join with me in making history in 2020.


IBM artificial intelligence can predict with 95% accuracy which workers are about to quit their jobs | APR 3 2019

Morgan Stanley: If the trade war escalates, a recession will be here in 9 months (aug 2019)

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