Scientists Call To End “Brutal Toll” On The Natural World !

These 2 articles clearly illustrate that there is a wake-up call among the scientific community. It is about time to say the least. But will they eventually confess to having been bribed by corporations that hire(d) them? Meaning that they have corrupted science for the sake of their own income for quite a while. We don’t think scientists will ever do that, instead they will suddenly come up with new discoveries invalidating their previous works and everybody will hail them for saving the world.

Paradoxically, to really change the world we ought stop the blame game and pointing to others, which we regard as guiltier as ourselves. Yes of course at the very top “they” surely know. The education system is even more responsible since it shapes the scientific views. Further, we too as consumers have encouraged the corporate takeover at our own level: every time we go to the supermarket, we empower corporations and bad science alike.

There is no way we are going to get away with it without bruising ourselves quite badly. Something will have to die completely. Our ego for sure will have to embrace humility and empathy to heal itself and come to term with his Oneness with Nature.

But back to our scientists, this shift in awareness is a major change and we can help make these articles below go viral. The concept of “mother nature” is real, as real as each of us exists. Science finally acknowledges that Nature is an entity! It definitely seems as if turns of events are pushing RBE (resource based economy) forward, which is extremely good news for a monetary-free future.

Make environmental damage a war crime, say scientists (JULY 2019)

International lawmakers should adopt a fifth Geneva convention that recognises damage to nature alongside other war crimes, according to an open letter by 24 prominent scientists….. The UN international law commission is due to hold a meeting with the aim of building on the 28 principles it has already drawn up to protect the environment in war zones.

Prof Sarah Durant of the Zoological Society of London, one of the signatories to the letter, said the principles were a major step forward and should be expanded to make specific mention of biodiversity, and then adopted across the world….. “The brutal toll of war on the natural world is well documented, destroying the livelihoods of vulnerable communities and driving many species, already under intense pressure, towards extinction,” she said… MORE

True cost of cheap food is health and climate crises, says commission. Radical change needed to make UK food and farming system sustainable within 10 years (July 2019)

The true cost of cheap, unhealthy food is a spiralling public health crisis and environmental destruction, according to a high-level commission. It said the UK’s food and farming system must be radically transformed and become sustainable within 10 years…. It also said a National Nature Service should be created to give opportunities for young people to work in the countryside and, for example, tackle the climate crisis by planting trees or restoring peatlands….

“Time is now running out. The actions that we take in the next 10 years are critical: to recover and regenerate nature and to restore health and wellbeing to both people and planet,” said the commission, which was convened by the RSA, a group focused on pressing social challenges…. The commission criticised decades of government policy aimed at making food cheaper, fuelling rising obesity and other health problems. “The true cost of that is simply passed off elsewhere in society – in a degraded environment, spiralling ill health and impoverished high streets,” said the report…. MORE:

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