98% of Five-Four Year old Children Are Creative Geniuses!

We generally do not give NASA scientists much credit, but for those in the know, aware enough of the stakes, this article merely speaks of the obvious. At last, we have a study exposing the inefficiency (by design) of the education system itself, turning most people into mindless consuming and gluttonous machines.

However, that very study has an amazing upside as it also gives us hope for humanity. While we haven’t reached yet the so much needed critical mass to reverse the trends, we now should rest assured that if we persevere in our intent to see RBE win over greed, eventually, a new generation of kids will arise and cause society to make a much needed u-turn. The transformation could take up to a generation but it is extremely encouraging.

It does not matter to ponder as to whether Utopia is unattainable or not. What does only matter is that we thrive as a collective to always choose solutions benefiting a greater good. Because when we do not, Dystopia sets in almost instantly. We are destined to evolve between the best and worst of the worlds, and only the intent to peacefully achieve our best will allow us to avoid most obstacles.

The potential of a society does not depend on a few in higher spheres.

We have to understand that this Utopia-Dystopia spectrum is a Natural Law onto itself. Just as when we do not progress, we end up regressing. Nothing is static. Enlightenment is thus a characteristic that any civilization has the duty to achieve over time. Or the latter self-destructs, one way or another.

Why Is The Pursuit Of Enlightenment Preferable: https://earthcustodians.net/blog/2019/07/23/why-is-the-pursuit-of-enlightenment-preferable/

The only difference here is that the drive cannot be a set into motion with a darwinian mindset but voluntary cooperation between all participants. Hence darwinism — or individualism — being a mere half-truth and thus wrong as a premise.

Chasing money prevents this because when we must struggle to make ends meet, we have less time to care about others. The system wants us to shrug at their problems, which are often perceived as inevitable whatsoever. But now we know. We have enough knowledge to reverse this global state of affairs.

We are born creative geniuses and the education system dumbs us down, according to NASA scientists (2017)

At TEDxTucson, Dr. George Land dropped a bombshell when he told his audience about the shocking result of a creativity test developed for NASA but subsequently used to test school children (see the full video below).

NASA had contacted Dr George Land and Beth Jarman to develop a highly specialized test that would give them the means to effectively measure the creative potential of NASA’s rocket scientists and engineers. The test turned out to be very successful for NASA’s purposes, but the scientists were left with a few questions: where does creativity come from? Are some people born with it or is it learned? Or does it come from our experience?

The scientists then gave the test to 1,600 children between the ages of 4 and 5. What they found shocked them.
This is a test that looks at the ability to come up with new, different and innovative ideas to problems. What percentage of those children do you think fell in the genius category of imagination?

A full 98 percent!
But this is not the real story. The scientists were so astonished that they decided to make it a longitudinal study and tested the children again five years later when they were ten years old.

The result? Only 30 percent of the children now fell in the genius category of imagination.

When the kids were tested at 15 years the figure had dropped to 12 percent!

What about us adults? How many of us are still in contact with our creative genius after years of schooling?

Sadly, only 2 percent.


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