Why Is The Pursuit Of Enlightenment Preferable

This morning we stumbled upon an article speaking of “smart diapers” and we just got taken aback as we clearly could see the “smart trend” growing exponentially. Squeezing data just out of everything, anything, and another case proving that science is completely out of whack.

Although some scientists are beginning to acknowledge that the whole Universe is conscious, most still look the other way. And this will cause academia to collapse from within. Eventually. Unless materialism wins over, but this would have grave implications for humanity.

(2017) The universe may be conscious, say prominent scientists. A proto-consciousness field theory could replace the theory of dark matter, one physicist states. https://bigthink.com/philip-perry/the-universe-may-be-conscious-prominent-scientists-state

If such a stance was common knowledge, scientists would regard Life as a whole very differently. They would protect “It” instead of trashing the environment and refuse money to corrupt the field. The case against scientism is building up and although the evidence gets often scary, it is what society needs to see through the fog. Again, if we want to.

While plastic is choking the planet, diapers being part of the problem, one would think that science is doing something about it, right? Nope, because the global production of diapers, which amounts today to $65BN, cannot falter otherwise it would have a domino effect rippling through. So let’s come up with “smart diapers” to keep parents in a spending loop.

That is where we are at. Poisoning ourselves for the sake of staying alive… this is the paradoxical world we live in.

Two days ago we ran into this YT video, here below. We especially recommend the first half, and have to agree that without the quest for enlightenment, society will probably not make it. Unless humanity consents to AI and its minions to turn humans into sub-species.

As a matter of fact, we reported a couple of years ago (blog you will also find at here below, just in case you missed it or to refresh your memory) that Scientists had found a technique to add letters to DNA alphabet to create ‘semisynthetic’ life… but why are they bent on altering humans that much? These are questions you will have to investigate for yourselves, but the conclusion is clear, in our opinion.

There is no way that we are going to defeat the “dark forces” terraforming the planet and working behind closed doors to create new species, unless we stand up, spread the world and start pursuing Enlightenment. That is all we have left and we are far from being cynical when stating this. This is the only way to pave the way towards a resource based economy and a peaceful society. We don’t know how we are going to get there… but that’s the only way.

As humans we should all be attempting to reach enlightenment

Who Is More Intelligent: Man Or Nature?
Academia keeps ignoring that the Universe is sentient because it wants to impose a doctrine teaching man that he is above Nature. Thus refuting “intuitive intelligence” which we need to heal the planet and Mankind

Capitalism, The Impossible Ideal
We have been wrong for for many centuries. The time has come to unroot our multidimensional origins in order to comprehend who we really are because the way we see the world today is a dangerous fiction.

Apr 19, 2019 Baby Diapers Are Hiding Some Dirty, Dangerous Secrets
> Disposable diapers made from plastic components are a godsend for parents but a nightmare for the planet. Back in the mid-1950s, industrial historians say, she proposed that U.S. consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble invent a replacement for cloth diapers. She envisioned a time-saving, affordable, hygienic product to take the load off busy mothers…. Since then, the disposable diaper industry has grown into an immense, $65 billion-a-year monster. Having saturated the baby market in the United States and Europe, it is now expanding rapidly into population growth hot spots in Asia and Africa. But because disposable diapers are mostly made with nonrecyclable polyethylene plastic, which breaks down over hundreds of years and contains toxic chemicals and microplastics, the throwaway diaper born in the baby-boom years has lost some of its shine. Environmental activists are now targeting these products as an emblem of consumer society and a source of one of the world’s fastest-growing waste problems…. more

We don’t mean to poo-poo this, but… The Internet of S**t has literally arrived thanks to Pampers smart diapers
You can monitor your child – and their bowels – 24 hours a day! Which is… great? 18 Jul 2019
> It’s not just internet-connected underpants. Pampers has “partnered with Verily and Logitech” to create “the world’s first all-in-one connected care system that’s revolutionizing baby monitoring by helping parents monitor and track their baby 24/7.”Modern technology really is amazing. You can now buy products that help you monitor and track your baby every second of the day when all we had previously were ears and eyes…. more

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The Magic Of The Universe Explained In a Nutshell: Will You Worship The AI god?

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Artificial Intelligence From Outer Space… But WHOSE Exactly?

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