Real Greens vs Fake Greens


Real Greens v Fake Greens: An Investigation into the Green Movement

Presently, the evidence is overwhelming that there is a global and secretive tier of corporate influence and central financial control…a sort of global mafia if you like…that operates at a strategic level high above the daily machinations of the world’s politicians and decisionmakers.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Exactly and the guardianuk article below evidences this: Trevor Neilson, an investor and philanthropist who has worked with some of the world’s richest families “This might be the single best chance we have to stop the greatest emergency we have ever faced” . The super wealthy now operate via their “investment managers” , maybe because out of fear as they also may be feeling a growing resentment from the masses. But the ultimate goal is to control the latter.

Sensible people nowadays are realising this and are becoming increasingly disillusioned with party politics as they see their friends, relatives and neighbours all becoming more and more fractious and partisan with their positional politics. Today, when people should be uniting around the proven truth, all we are seeing is more and more division as our collective ignorance and stupidity is allowed to prevail…which, of course, is just what the corporate globalists want.

Sadly many greens are ready to embrace whatever corporate solutions for and by organizations directly financed by the 1%, thinking that is better than nothing. It gives them a peace of mind, knowing that seemingly something is done. But let’s not fool ourselves, because at this stage, only letting go the system will work out. We have crossed the threshold of a “gentle fix” a very long time ago. It is too late now.

The simple truth of the matter is this: Real Greens cannot in any way support or take part in a debt-based economy with a debt-based monetary system. Real Greens recognise that the current and criminal debt-based global economy is creating untold misery for billions of people whilst destroying the very life-support systems that we all depend upon! And Real Greens recognise that unlawful debt and a deliberately planned shortage of money both create truly appalling levels of stress, ill health and the break-up of loving families with all the associated damage that does to innocent children. We could all be living in a world that is an ecological paradise of peace, justice and prosperity for all. Instead, we’re increasingly living in a deliberately impoverished and seriously damaged – pardon my French – ‘trou de merde’ courtesy of allowing a handful of elitist psychopaths to create, issue and control theworld’s money as debt. Come on people everywhere – wake up and smell the coffee of reality and certainty!!!!

Right, as long as the the system does not declare a “debt jubilee” and abolish fiat currencies, what would need to be done first (during the transition towards a money-free society), all solutions will offer much of the same, and possibly worse, because these debt oriented monetary trends grow almost exponentially. No many people today are aware that the U.S adds daily 3 billion dollars in banking interests to the National Deficit. A Real Green would thus never support any globalist solution and also know that CO2 is essential to the plant kingdom, so earth does not need less CO2 buy more of it. Plant feast on CO2. That fact is common knowledge. That is the most basic argument against climate change policies advocating for “zero emission”.

JULIAN ROSE/ INTERNATIONAL TIMES: The Green New Deal, in its present form, will lead directly to a microwaved and
monitored world population reduced to a state of abject poverty and slavery to the high-tech masters of the long predicted New World Order…. No progress can be made while one is financially supporting those who one attacks. Those that represent the interests of multinational/transnational business conglomerates that keep inorganic lifestyles going. In other words, one has to start on a new journey which involves saying ‘no’ to supermarket shopping, sweat shop and branded clothes, money deposits with big banks, fast food chains, household chemicals and so forth and so on…. The majority are dependent on the very corporations they expose; the materialistic global agenda they blame for planetary warming and global ecocide. In urban settings nobody is independent of a heavy reliance upon unsustainable, toxic and extractive economic patterns of daily life. People caught-up in this way of life firstly need to find a way out, if they are to present a meaningful critique of its pit-falls. One cannot avoid the old axiom ‘practice as you preach’.

Couldn’t be closer to the truth. None of these so-called green organizations appeal to end supermarket shopping, sweat shop and branded clothes, money deposits with big banks, fast food chains, household chemicals. They just want their govs to pour billions of dollars into the economy, in the name of “climate change”, to keep their jobs.

All it will take to fix the planet is to first change our consumer habits drastically. But a vast majority is very reluctant to do that. Not to mention that on top of that, and thanks to media’ subliminal hypnosis, climate change anxiety is taking toll on many people, deterring them from doing anything. Great Thunberg herself claimed that she suffered an episode of severe depression — but maybe it could also be all made up. Go figure.

Oddly enough, most people would want to welcome a money-free planet but think it’s impossible. Fear is the legacy of our current social construct. But here at the Earth Custodian headquarters, we keep focusing on our mission, as you well know.

Our investigation into the subversion of the Green Movement by Justin Walker.
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