Global GDP Up 630% since 1980… Think Again!

Are You Ready To Consider That Capitalism Is The Real Problem? (2017)

FAST COMPANY: Global GDP has grown 630% since 1980, and in that same time, by some measures, inequality, poverty, and hunger have all risen.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: The mystery is resolved. This is what getting wealthy is about: taking away resources from other people. It has always been that way since the dawn of times. One only can get rich(er) by subterfuge. Either with false advertising, misrepresenting value, resorting to pillage and harvesting human energy. Please see the “organic prepper” at the bottom page. All generations are in trouble, especially millennials and Gen X. Don’t expect the economy to pick up steam any time soon.

We also see this plan in the idea that corporations have a fiduciary duty to grow their stock value for the sake of shareholder returns, which prevents even well-meaning CEO’s from voluntarily doing anything good—like increasing wages or reducing pollution—that might compromise their bottom line.

The concept of the stock market is a great deception, there we have it. Most people must endure hard work and sufferings for the stocks to go up. Human sweat has always been commoditized. Time has come for a reality check!

What becomes clear here is that ours is a system that is programmed to subordinate life to the imperative of profit.

That’s the awful truth, and this means that success is a matter of connections first. Talent and originality mean very little in such an environment. Those who do not have a solid contact list, must bet and take big risks if willing to escape the 9 to 5 office job: for them that’s the economic casino out there!

What’s so exciting about our present moment is that people are starting to do exactly that. And they are hungry for something different. For some, this means socialism…. which is surprising given the sheer scale of the propaganda out there designed to convince people that socialism is evil. But millennials aren’t bogged down by these dusty old binaries. For them the matter is simple: They can see that capitalism isn’t working for the majority of humanity, and they’re ready to invent something better.

Well socialism is not going to change the game at all. Corporations and the hedge funds remain in the picture. In the EU, people are less than happy with the system, they also become more aware of their governments’ shenanigans, and that their socialist ideal is now very similar to capitalism. Europeans have been warned to get prepared for the “job economy”, meaning to have 2 or more sources of income, that security via employment is gone for good. Of course and since nothing of that is debated by US media, millennials in America are being fooled.

Socialism and capitalism are same. Monetarism in the broad sense always leads to a monopoly structure, because the competition model breeds elites into existence. That’s the competition model therefore that needs to be terminated. There is no other way around it. Meaning that the only and sole option left is a Resource Based Economy… RBE.

People want the fruits of production and the yields of our generous planet to benefit everyone, rather than being siphoned up by the super-rich, so we can change tax laws and introduce potentially transformative measures like a universal basic income.

Let’s talk of the obvious now. Basic Income will for sure help many in the beginning, but after a while, people will spend it all and begin to live beyond their means again… so the success of Basic Income will only last while it can. A few years at the most, because money induces spending and that we live in a for profit system. UBI could be useful during the transition toward a money-free society though, until people realize that their security is threatened again by the same “dark market forces”.

It is just like the minimum wage, people enjoy more income but which fuels inflation and basic income will have that very same long-term side effect. You will see, Basic Income will expose itself as another false promise. Using UBI to pay down your debts will be the smartest move though.


An Intro. to a Resource-Based Economy [ TEDx – Peter Joseph ]

Move Over, Millennials: GEN X Is the Generation in the Most Financial Trouble (july 2019)

Millennials saw the greatest spike in overall debt. Their total balances rose by an average of $16,714 — almost 29% — between 2016 and 2019.

Gen Xers now have the highest average debt burden of any generation. They increased their average debt burdens by about 10%, or $11,898, between 2016 and 2019, thanks to steady dollar increases across all debt categories.

Older generations — boomers and silents — are winding down their debt, thanks to decreases in average mortgage balances. However, they’ve increased their average debt across all other categories.

Boomers decreased their debt burdens by 7%, or $10,424. Members of the silent generation dropped their overall debt by $9,486, or 8%. (source)

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