Vatican Translator: Alien Elohim Created And Still Control Modern Humans

We have listened to both podcasts and it does resonate a lot with the work of Michael Tellinger among others, but we certainly do feel that such level of evil in the world can only be initiated by “dark forces”. We’d think that the Elohim also are behind the “child and underage sex trafficking” (and any other kinds of human trafficking as well) since they expect our species to perform rituals for them as the Vatican translator stipulates. Mauro Biglino contradicts himself too about the bloodlines. Mauro’s interpreter is not fluent in English but she does her best, and we thank her for her participation.

Sarah Westall, channel’s owner: Vatican translator, Mauro Biglino, rejoins the program to discuss his work translating the original biblical transcripts including the old and new testaments of the bible. He claims the old testament is a story explaining how humans were genetically created in labs around the world by the alien Elohim, using both the DNA of Apes and the Elohim. He states that anyone who wishes to see this for themselves can study the original writings and see what it clearly states. He also claims that no where in the old testament does it speak of “God” and he strongly believes that this story does not negate the existence of “God”.


  1. The Genesis does not talk about the beginning of Life on earth but the Principles operating in the Universe
  2. The genetic manipulation happened in 7 stages of work.
  3. They also began giant laboratories, called Dangeden, to create the type of foods we needed, for themselves and humans. Eden comes from that word. These laboratories existed a long time before the creation of the Adams, in other solar systems.
  4. The bible seems to explain that the Adams as a group of people, come from another world
  5. The Elohim can live much longer than human and of course are highly advanced technologically. They created the homo sapiens only to help their lifestyle.
  6. They are still here, living in higher altitude, in bases built into mountains. Humans seemingly are affected with diseases they are not immune to. They are afraid of contamination.
  7. The bible is correct when saying they reproduced with female homo sapiens. That is why we find more or less the same myths around the planet.
  8. They have shortened our lifespans on purpose. The homo sapiens are a cross breed, between Elohim and apes.
  9. Vatican Translator does not believe that the bloodlines are traceable
  10. The homo sapiens does not belong here and still must adapt to other species, animals and plants
  11. Vatican Translator says that the messiah in the bible refers to a mean to end Jewish influence



  1. Yahweh was an Elohim chief protecting the Isreali people from other human-hybrids
  2. The Vatican Translator asserts that there was a giant laboratory in that part of the middle east, and Turkey also, South Africa and America , China, India…
  3. All human races are the result of genetic manipulations. The first experiment took place in south Africa, in other words black people came first.
  4. An India lab was working on creating fighters
  5. The Elohim rule was to divide and control all the races, they regard us like a little bit more than animals
  6. The Elohim shortened our lifespans so that we’d remain controllable. They have altered our telomeres, which are an essential part of human cells that affect how our cells age.
  7. The Vatican Translator thinks the Elohim interfere with us today, through various institutions, like pharmacy and banking
  8. For them, we perform (killing) rituals
  9. They are still here also because of gold, which is very important for advanced technologies and has multiple uses in medicine.
  10. The Vatican Translator insists that if we could know about our true history, it would free us.
  11. The Elohim are not bent on destroying the planet because they know earth is a perfect place for the development of life. Nor are they involved in pedophilia.
  12. The very high sphere is in contact with the Elohim
  13. The only way to get rid of the Elohim is to understand our history

Alien Elohim Created and Still Control Modern Humans w/ Mauro Biglino (2of2)


Mauro Biglino is an Italian scholar of religious studies, for about thirty years he has been researching the so-called “sacred texts”, in the belief that only knowledge and direct analysis of the ancient writers’ message can lead to true and profound understanding of the religious thought expressed by humanity. The linguistic and philological knowledge acquired through the study of Hebrew Masoretic manuscripts, as well as his knowledge of Latin and Greek , allowed Biglino to work as a translator for Edizioni San Paolo, the Vatican publishing house that eventually published 17 books from the Ancient Testament including Biglino’s interlinear literal translations from the Stuttgartensia Bible.

“The Bible is not an Holy Book” is his sixth book, preceded by“There is no creation in the Bible”, “The Alien God of the Bible”, “The book that will forever change our ideas about the Bible”,“Resurrection Reincarnation”, “Roman Catholic Church and Freemasonry”.

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