Is 5G Also Another Stock Market Illusion?

It is all about “hype” again and getting more investors into the game, so that some will become ever more filthy rich. If you go to the original link, you will read that the so-called experts predict that 5G will only make up about 15% of worldwide mobile subscriptions by 2025!!

What does it mean? It does mean that they need to have the infrastructure set up before harvesting profits. But wait… profits? Too expensive and too soon, a 5G Galaxy Android, for example, starts at 1,100 dollars today. Millions of people are being taken for a ride and going to be quite angry when learning that 5G is not even around the corner just yet.

Moreover according to the LATimes in 2015, Elon Musk’s growing empire pocketed $4.9 billion in government subsidies, for Tesla Motors Inc., SolarCity Corp. and SpaceX, all together. The Telecom industry didn’t invest much either in the 5G infrastructure either since the latter gets government funding. China as you may guess is extremely 5G supportive in all ways. The whole point here is that without the involvement of world governments, 5G would be absolutely nowhere! 5G was conceived for and by our world governments.

What for? 15% of worldwide mobile subscriptions by 2025? It definitely sounds to us that another giant asset bubble will pop before we get there, but meanwhile many will get sick and possibly die from whatever microwave radiation related illness.

Time also to believe in a money-free society!

False promises? Experts say the marketing hype around 5G is misleading | Monday, July 08, 2019

If 5G lives up to the hype, it will eventually be capable of streaming movies, music, and navigation for self driving cars straight from the cloud. 5G also promises download speeds that are a 1000 times faster than older, 4G networks. If 5G lives up to the hype, a full length 8GB film could potentially be downloaded in six seconds. A party conference call could simultaneously translate multiple languages in the moment.

When industry leaders gathered at the Mobile World Congress trade fair in Barcelona this summer, they warned that consumers may initially be disappointed by 5G because the promised benefits are many years from fruition. Promises such as robot surgeons and self driving cars that can communicate with one another through the cloud may turn out to be disappointments at first. Even though 5G has the potential to eliminate the lag time when mobile data is sent or received, it will not be an immediate benefit. According to Yannick Sadowy, the director for Accenture, 5G will not eliminate latency for smart phones until 2023 or even as late as 2025. It will take a decade or longer before 5G begins to produce the results that the industry has promised. In the meantime, prepare to have your brain bombarded by constant short bursts of untested microwave radiation….. MORE:


Apple reportedly won’t have its own 5G iPhone chip until 2025 (MAY 2019)
The company has mentioned that date to prospective hires for an in-house 5G modem team, says a report.

By 2025, there will be 14% penetration of fifth-Generation, or 5G, network globally, while 4G penetration will be at 53%, according to a GSMA mobile economy 2018 report.

India may have 88 million 5G connections by 2025: GSMA (june 2019)

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