The U.N Just Enacted A New Gold Rush and Another Ecocide

Actually this article is huge eye opener: the UN (aka Economic Forum) which seemingly praised the 15yo activist, Greta Thunberg, is now showing its true aims. This organization does not stand for the welfare of Humanity, and if you know people who might doubt it, please show them this article and ask them to take off their pink colored glasses as time is seriously running out.

The UN and the G20 could not care less about our several ongoing ecocides — let alone climate change at all. Wake up!

Earth Custodians do not regard climate change as a prime cause but the result of pervasive greed and systemic mindless consumption. The words “climate change” are meant to take away the attention from what is really going on. And that very greed is ready to strike again. Over the last decade, things already went from bad to worst as trawling has allowed overfishing, the depletion of our oceans at a pace like unseen before.

Bycatch is the result of using less selective fishing gear like gillnets, longlines or bottom trawls. Longlines have baited hooks and can extend for 50 miles or more. Bottom trawls drag nets across the seafloor, catching everything in their paths….

Technology and greed is a nefarious combination accelerating the demise of the planet. Cobalt demand for lithium-ion batteries is expected to double by 2025 (see wpost links at the bottom page)

Mining cobalt — and other minerals — on the continents have had disastrous consequences as heavy chemicals are required to process the soil. We cannot trust experts hired by corporations into sea floor mining, their reports are as much biased as that of glyphosate by Monsanto. Moreover, we cannot cite one industrial exploitation of Nature that has not caused environmental damages.

The decision to mine ocean floors is an alarm bell. The powers that be have nothing human. They are the great destroyers and nothing will stop them but a critical mass screaming “enough is enough”. World citizens can no longer afford to sit and wait for any politician(s) promising the moon. Nor any organizations pointing the finger because it obviously doesn’t work.

We must come to term with fact that “endless growth” was a gigantic fraud.

Degrowth… Or Death? Giorgos Kallis, an environmental scientist and political ecologist at The Autonomous University of Barcelona, and author of the book Degrowth. In order to slow the economy down and not wreak havoc, he said, we have to reconfigure our ideas about the entire economic system.

Actions should no longer be dictated by how many millions do we need to do the job but our hearths and humility. Throwing money at the problem will not save us from this “booby trap”, but changing our consumer habits and solidarity.

Earth Custodians have written countless blogs about power and its inner workings and “sinister origins”. That what is happening to us, and the planet, is of a spiritual nature above all and linked to the corruption of the Truth, the Highest Vibration.

The deadly pillage of the planet is set to continue unabated with the blessings of those willing to pour hundreds of billions of euros to fight carbon emissions. At this stage it should be clear that their motto is: promise everything, pretend doing everything but do nothing. Here is another appalling proof:

G20 countries triple coal power subsidies despite climate crisis (june 2019)

We were kind of speechless when reading that sea floor mining is necessary to enhance the growth of the so-called green economy. As if today we didn’t have enough evidence: the mining industry is another mega polluter. Cobalt for our smartphones, smart this and that, solar batteries… etc… etc… there is nothing “green” here!

The assault on Nature and the human species is being deliberately orchestrated and will only cease when understanding that RBE, resource based economy, is the only way to heal humanity.

Any use of nature for profit must be rejected and seen as a crime against humanity!

Ocean floor area five times bigger than UK set to be industrially mined, JULY 2019

  1. ‘Greedy industry could destroy wonders of the deep ocean before we even have a chance to study them,’ Greenpeace says
  2. Irreversible harm to some of the planet’s most crucial ecosystems could be caused if an area of the ocean floor five times the size of the UK is mined, according to a new Greenpeace report.
  3. The United Nations (UN) has issued 29 exploration licences for companies to deep-sea mine rare metals such as cobalt that will be used in batteries as the “green economy” grows.
  4. Without proper governance, mining could remove entire habitats and species and release toxins in areas that have been undisturbed for millennia, the report found.
  5. This “new industrial frontier” could also result in vast amounts of carbon stored in the ocean floor being released, which could jeopardise attempts to reduce emissions, it stated.
  6. These permits give companies the right to dig up 1.3 million sq km (500,000 sq miles) of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans in total.
  7. The UK has awarded licences to a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin called Seabed Resources which has permission to explore 133,000 sq km of sea floor.
  8. Currently, only 0.0001 per cent of the ocean floor has been explored by scientists.
  9. “The health of our oceans is closely linked to our own survival,” said Louisa Casson from Greenpeace’s Protect the Oceans campaign. “Unless we act now to protect them, deep sea mining could have devastating consequences for marine life and humankind.



THE COBALT PIPELINE. Tracing the path from deadly hand-dug mines in Congo to consumers’ phones and laptops (2016)

The hidden costs of cobalt mining – The Washington Post (2018)
Feb 28, 2018 · The hidden costs of cobalt mining. Most of the world’s cobalt supply comes from the Congo region. These cobalt-laden chunks of rock leave the country destined for refineries in Europe and China, where they enter the complex supply chains of some of the largest technology and automotive firms.

New Zealand High Court Rules Against Taranaki Seabed Mining (2018)

Deep-sea mining could transform the globe
(economist, pro-mining of course)

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