Remember Those 19th Century Compressed Air Cars?

As long as air is available for free, this technology will remain suppressed. But environmental issues being so dire, solutions must be found. But wait… does or did it work the other way round again? That for the sake of profits, some at the top cynically decided to poison the planet since the early 1900s?

There is indeed much more “money creation” involved when financing oil drilling than collecting the air that is all around us…. Right? Controlling consumption to avoid scarcity and that the latter justifies the need for powers that be… so are we told since ever.

Even WIKI states that here have been prototype cars since the 1920s, with compressed air used in torpedo propulsion!!! (see link at the bottom page) . If you watched the documentary by Sony Pictures, Who Killed The Electric Car, you surely remember that the electric car was fully running in the mid 1900s already.

But truth is again catching up and a trail of evidence is resurfacing to expose the nefarious Petrol Industry. Earth Custodians do not mean that the air powered vehicles were perfect at the time, in the late 1800s, the technology was in its infancy but quite successful it seems. Society already was on the right track because today air powered vehicles appear ready to take over the market…

Or is it another hoax within a hoax? See and decide for yourself! Earth Custodians lean toward the mother of all conspiracies.

What will happen to the Oil Cartel? Don’t worry too much about it. Now the powers that be have their slogan ready … “buy an air compressed vehicle to save the planet but since air contains too much CO2 , we need an infrastructure to ensure air quality for these compressed air vehicles to run more efficiently…

Draw your own conclusions! We have not found any serious link debunking the reemergence of vehicles running on compressed air, so far it seems to us that they have been seriously suppressed for more than a decade… we could be wrong … just tell us what you think!

19th century compressed air cars and street cars: gone and forgotten

This is actually some fun stuff folks. 150 years ago people were getting around by driving compressed air powered personal cars, and were boarding compressed air powered modes of public transportation. We are so duped into our internal combustion engines, that it is both sad and suspicious. Where did this compressed air technology come from?

Obviously we have this “Industrial Revolution” happening. All of a sudden the mankind got so smart, that inventions were coming in by the thousands. It is even more bizarre when you consider that pneumatic engine ideas were supposedly getting developed as early as 1687…. In 1828 Bompas took out a patent for a compressed-air locomotive in England. There were two storage tanks between the frames, with conventional cylinders and cranks. …. MORE, WITH PICTURES

Say goodbye to service stations, MDI decided that cars had to run without gas but with air. (03/25/2019)

Look cool. At first glance, the AirPod 2.0 arouses curiosity and sympathy. Small, compact, designed for two passengers, it opens on the front is has a trunk with a capacity of 400 liters. But beyond appearances, the cart MDI hides his game. Its reversible single-cylinder compressed air engine would develop a power of 10.2 horsepower (7 kW) at 1500 revolutions / minute, with a maximum torque of 45 Nm. Its maximum speed is 80 km / h, but it can be clamped to 45 km / h to be driving without a license.

The compressed air would be stored in 2 tanks of 125 liters each and heated by a burner external to the engine. Its autonomy would oscillate between 100 and 120 kilometers operating only with compressed air. It could even reach 360 kilometers in hybrid power, without however more precision on the part of the manufacturer. Hyper adapted to the city, this micro car is able to park at 90 °.

The Airpod is to the automobile what the scooter is to the scooter. Tiny, ultra light (MDI announces 280 kilos empty), zero emissions, it is perfect for the city. This connected quadricycle project, Guy Nègre worked there since 1991, and he knew several prototypes. Since this is the era of micro mobility and non-polluting fuels, this time it may be the right one. A range of different compressed air vehicles is envisaged on the site , and pre-sales are already open.


India based Tata Motors to produce Compressed Air-Powered Cars (2012)

A car that runs 200 miles on compressed air.




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