Monsanto, Johnson & Johnson… Who Is Next?


While Johnson & Johnson got a step closer to the guillotine, the BigPharma clique is facing like 2,000 lawsuits as you read this. It is going to be very interesting indeed to see how all pans out. It is very likely that pharmaceuticals will begin to count their days if J&J is found guilty. And from the article, it really seems as if, the multinational is toast.

Mainstream science as a whole is one of the hugest criminal enterprise on the planet. From SynBio, chemical indursty to drug makers, they are altering the human genome, creating more chronic conditions. To give you an example, in 2015, they even found contraceptive residues in the tab water and waterways affecting the fertility rate of fish by 30%. When is that class action lawsuit coming up?

If J&J is successfully indicted, we might expect various class actions, attacking BigPhatma from several angles. Not to mention that it will scare off shareholders big time and many are going to sell off. That would be the end of several titans and allopathy by the same token.

Since the whole system is shaky, a domino effect could also affect the phoney illegal drug war based on fake or non-existent studies. What comes around goes around, it seems as if the Law of Cause And Effect has begun to swing in the right direction. Crime does not remain unpunished in the Universe, even if it takes decades or centuries for the truth to surface, eventually the Karma hits and unravels.

One thing is certain though, the longer it takes for the Truth to undo the lies, the more society suffers. This process can even wait until we are on the brink of self-destruction. Because personal responsibility cannot be escaped.

But there are more side-effects, should the drug war end, at least 50% of cops and CIA/FBI personnel would lose their jobs. This figure is pretty reasonable, we think. Our society relies so much on deceptions to survive that if the latter could vanish overnight (yes, lets dream for two seconds) not many people actually would have a job!

Think of all the careers ever invented to suit the quest for power and control… The time to go money-free is also getting closer!

Johnson & Johnson faces multibillion opioids lawsuit that could upend big pharma (JUNE 2019)

Oklahoma is holding the drug giant with the family-friendly image responsible for its addiction epidemic
As the state of Oklahoma’s multibillion-dollar lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson has unfolded over the past month, the company has struggled to explain marketing strategies its accusers say dangerously misrepresented the risk of opioid addiction to doctors, manipulated medical research, and helped drive an epidemic that has claimed 400,000 lives over the past two decades…. Johnson & Johnson profited further as demand for opioids surged by buying poppy growing companies in Australia to supply the raw narcotic for its own medicines and other American drug makers…..

But Hunter’s lawsuit has put the wider industry in the dock, too, by laying out how opioid manufacturers worked together to drive up sales by using their huge resources to influence medical policy and doctor prescribing. Hunter said the strategy was motivated by the industry’s “greed” as profits surged…. The case is being closely watched by a host of opioid makers, drug distributors and pharmacy chains facing more than 2,000 other lawsuits by communities across the country to see if a court is prepared to hold a pharmaceutical firm responsible for the worst drug epidemic in American history…. Purdue Pharma kickstarted the epidemic with its high-strength, long-lasting opioid, OxyContin, in the mid-1990s. The court heard how Johnson & Johnson quickly realized the potential and set about competing…. Johnson & Johnson, which is already facing compensation payments of several billion dollars after asbestos in its baby powder caused cancer, strongly denies that it bears responsibility for the opioid epidemic…. FULL ARTICLE:

Illegal drug classifications are based on politics not science – report (JUNE 2019)

Illegal drug classifications have NO scientific basis and have caused a collateral damage, the article says… after all this time, truth finally came out. It was all about money. “Some illegal drugs, including cocaine, heroin, cannabis and cannabis resin, were evaluated up to 30 years ago or have never been evaluated”… and on top of that, the war on drugs has not been won, but it was very efficient for the prison system and law enforcement hiring. Finally they admit, that the system does not work and is broken.

Missouri man says doctor in opioid kickback lawsuits turned him into a ‘heroin junkie’ (Jun 26, 2019)

Is The Collapse Of Monsanto Nearing?


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