Who Is More Intelligent: Man Or Nature?


When reading the appalling news about Brazil, another layer of horror prompted us to write a piece that is more spiritual and metaphysical minded.

Nature feeds all life on the planet. But daily She must be impregnated by Light to achieve her cosmic programming. Many cultures have worshiped the Sun throughout the ages. It even has inspired monotheism, because planets gravitated around their own and unique sun.

Light is ignited by the Aether. Many well known scientists have speculated about the Aether but such possibility never earned any attention from the academia. So science became scientism. Science devoid from any metaphysical sense and a dogma on its own asserting that any experiment that cannot be confirmed by scientific method can’t be validated.

Even though energy has been recognized as the sole force in the Universe, scientism continues to denying that the latter is sentient. Mainstream science keeps ignoring the subject because it wants to impose a doctrine teaching man that he is above Nature, all of which gave materialism an extra dimension: man was finally free to behave as it pleased him and follow his pursuit of subduing Nature to his will. He thought.

Earth embodies all nurturing principles in our reality. And Light is the male principle. Which is why God is referred to “He” in all monotheistic doctrines. Without the Light, Earth cannot be. Nature is thus composed of both: Light and Matter. Form this esoteric mating process emanate Natural Laws, which are immutable and incorruptible. They symbolize the Absolute Truth because these Laws are key to decipher the endless unfolding of the cosmic programming.

Man is not separated from but part of Nature, just as any other particle. He is one with Nature. Unfortunately since mainstream education does not consider this metaphysical approach, the world is spending more time worshiping the absence of the nurturing principle, sending its children to war instead of teaching about Nature. And this has created a trauma feeding onto itself: a society thinking that violence and domination are inherent to mankind.

But if we look at all the scientific fields shaping our perceptions today, like the chemical, weaponry and biotech industries, bigpharma, technology, monetarism, we ought to admit that we have huge issues weighing on our conscience. Our rivers, skies, oceans, soils have been poisoned very badly. We are harming ourselves from all sides now. Look no further, it is what happens when thinking that man can subdue Nature. No liberating movement ever won over so far because their followers didn’t or don’t understand the problem we are faced with. Today the greens think we can fix Nature by pouring more billions of dollars into the economy, while all it takes is a change of mindset first.

Blaming the few same usual suspects only works til a certain point. Data has “always” been widely available for the inquiring minds. And still is. Although pagan societies were much closer to Nature, they did not have all the data the masses have today to comprehend of our dire situation.

Natural Laws tell it right in our faces: personal responsibility is inescapable.

Earth symbolizes the root of all good and the attempts by scientism to turn her into a synthetic and binary experiment (no longer responding to Natural Laws as designed originally but inverting them) must be stopped. We are the the “custodians of life”, that’s our mission as Humans. If Earth dies, we die as a species. And this means that Nature surpasses man by far when the latter refuses to listen Her. When they both work in sync, the magic happens and their intelligence suddenly even out, complete one another.

Here is example as how science exposes itself as nightmare when not collaborating with the environment. Let’s not fall for the term “far right” because the system is suffering from a severe myopia, none of our lawmakers will ever start a campaign exposing publicly Bolsonaro and the chemicals he approved.

Brazil has approved hundreds of new pesticide products since its far-right president, Jair Bolsonaro, took power in January, and more than 1,000 since 2016, a study has found. Many of those approved are banned in Europe.

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