Telepathy Technologies Will Not Be For “Regular” Humans

We keep hearing about the wonderful technological future awaiting us around the corner, and how “problem solver AI” will make our life so much easier. Smart apps are popping all around, morphing us into “data for sale” 24/7… meanwhile AI experts want us to believe that we have to move forward, no matter what, and bravely deal with the consequences of evolution.

In 2014, The Smithsonian Mag was already writing that scientists had proven that telepathy was within reach and raving about possible applications to enhance communication between humans but which might take years—or decades—to perfect.

SMITHSONIAN: “We want to improve the ways people can communicate in the face of limitations—those who might not be able to speak or have sensory impairments,” he says (link below)

But 5 years later, a recent RT article now says that technological telepathy is merely 4 years away, now being developed by DARPA-Pentagon to wage more efficient “drone wars”.

Mind-controlled drones? Pentagon hopes to test telepathy tech on humans within 4 years (june 2019)

Professor Jacob Robinson of Rice University, the research team coordinator at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), told the Express that the brain-computer interface (BCI) would be capable of telepathically commanding “active cyber defense systems” as well as “swarms of unmanned vehicles.” … DARPA hopes to begin testing the futuristic tech on humans within the next four years. A major hurdle, according to Robinson, is receiving approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The professor stressed that the headset wouldn’t just be for military use.

One thing comes to mind here: when this technology falls in the hands of war mongers, there is no way that it will eventually benefit the average Joe and Jane, because whoever is telepathically wired automatically becomes a “weaponized human”. That individual could hack drones, planes and whatever military (lethal) gadgets designed to be controlled within a specific rage. We also can rightfully assume that terrorists will be fond of telepathy tech . It is where 5G comes into the picture, and could also help greatly increase the speed of telepathic commands. Remember that the AI grid will connect just everything.

So, no, sorry it will not be for the consumers. It is time to get real about it. Every time, they want to promote a new technology, they tell us it is for a greater good, but in our current landscape manipulated by power, cutting edge knowledge will fatally serve to further our servitude.

The military will just use anything to transform our planet into a cyber cage:

US military goes green, eyes creation of ‘spy plants’ (2017 A new research program commissioned by the US military could turn horticulture into a form of spycraft, potentially sparing humans the need to work in dangerous environments. (see link below)

The field is out of control! Of course…. :Robinson acknowledged that there is always “additional concern” when the US government develops technologies which have the potential to be misused, but insisted that there are rules in place to make sure his research does not violate ethical standards.

What do they mean by “ethical standards” when war is itself the most amoral monopoly on earth? Yet they contend that they are teaming up with ethicists [on] how to protect this technology from falling into the wrong hands and/or misuse, while continuing to work on programs that will lead to several breakthroughs in neuroscience.

But they also are training AI to read our thoughts and acknowledge that telepathic tech could send the wrong thoughts, so there is a potential for error on top of that. At some point in the future, when we wake up every morning, we could be forced to put an helmet, with sensors, on our heads so that AI can read our state of mind.

Of course, tax dollars are the fuel that make it happen. But there is also a lack of access to information, which is engineered by our all powerful media worth billions of dollars on the stock exchange. Then the reality is that most people do not just care enough because they already are overwhelmed by their daily existence and chasing money to make ends meet. Money is the glue that ties all these instances together, and until we the people begin to regard monetarism as obsolete, Dystopia will not loosen its grip on society.



How Computer-Assisted Telepathy Helps Humans Communicate

US military goes green, eyes creation of ‘spy plants’ (2017) US military to develop genetically modified plants to spy in environments ‘unsuitable for traditional sensors’. New synthetic biology programme makes use of natural capabilities to gather intelligence

Scientists Prove That Telepathic Communication Is Within Reach (2014)

2019 | The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is looking to build artificial intelligence into neural interfaces to let humans control machines with their thoughts.



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