Why 3D Printed Houses Are A Threat To The Housing Market


WAKING TIMES: Icon, the tech company that designed the specialized 3D printer, partnered with the Silicon Valley-based nonprofit New Story for the initiative. Currently, they are working on constructing their “first-of-its-kind” neighborhood for Latin American families who make less than $200 per month.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: … less than $200 per month?!! And why would only poor people get such inexpensive housing solutions? We are guessing that they are trying to mean that if you earn more, it wouldn’t be ideal for you.

The 3D-printed houses are ideal for low-income families because they are inexpensive to construct, as well as quick to build. To offer perspective, consider that a conventional house may take 4-6 months to build and cost between $300k-$600k. The 3D-printed house, on the other hand, can be constructed for roughly $10,000 and takes just 24 hours to print.

What the article does not mention is that “conventional house building” has a huge impact on the environment, while 3D printing does not cause much waste at all. See the “sand wars blog” link here below. In a RBE (resource based economy) only what is needed is extracted from Nature. It is the “endless growth mantra” that prompts to take more from what the environment can endure, and that if society stops building houses and buildings, the industry goes down. The general building construction industry is a destroyer of natural resources. At some point, conventional housing will not be regarded with envy anymore as it will have lost all its appeal.

The housing market has so far escaped a total crash because many people still dream to buy a house for their old days but still are unaware of this alternative. It is all about perceptions and when one has really grasped that, value becomes extremely volatile and impossible to trust.

So what is the value of our world economy, would you ask?

Well, it truly depends on how we look at the picture. Close to zero, because value is not manageable without a monopoly that ends up destroying value completely over time… and priceless at the same time because by now it is obvious that all the money in the world cannot buy Nature, that when attempting to do so, we begin to destroy our host.

Vulcan II is the first printer of its kind in that it has the capability of printing homes in which people actually want to live. It can be operated by anyone with basic training thanks to the improvements in automation, mechatronics and a suite of specialized software.”

That is great news, indeed. Only basic training is required to handle the 3D printer. What does it mean? That the future of construction workers do not look that rosy either. The whole industry is going to get hammered at some point. But that is all for the better because in the near future more and more people will realize the obsolescence of speculation itself.

People always follow the money but in the end, they walk in a full loop and get back to where they started. That is what happens when fiddling with value.

The OP picture already shows the power of creativity, 3D printed houses are already taking interesting shapes and in 5 years from now, many people will line up to get them!

In the not too distant future, namely 2019, you will be able to see the first 3D-printed house in the world pop-up in Eindhoven. This house will be built from concrete and will have come straight from the printer.

New Story + ICON : 3D Printed Homes for the Developing World

Sand Wars And The REAL Cost Of Sand

Sand of various kinds is an essential ingredient in detergents, cosmetics, toothpaste, solar panels, silicon chips, and especially buildings; every concrete structure is basically tons of sand and gravel glued together with cement, in glass, paint, tires, highways, etc … we used 15 BILLION TONS of sand globally and yearly… so the sand must come from somewhere, right? The goal of the Monetary Paradox Series is to illustrate the irrationality of speculation because value is not ‘stretchable’.

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