What is Cyclical Consumption?

Anybody understanding what Peter Joseph really says in the first video, will also grasp the dead end we must confront when profits are involved. If profits are impossible there is no reason for monetarism to exist. So, in this sense saying that it is a medium of exchange is a half-truth. The sole purpose of monetarism is to not spread wealth evenly but accumulate wealth by whatever means.

What are the challenges society must resolve?

Humans must come to term with their love-hate affair with power, quit thinking that power offers security because it does not…. but we also must end the pecking order between ourselves and embrace voluntarism instead.

In a world that is limited by monetarism good ideas are very seldom. Its very frustrating.

Nature as a whole operates in a perfect equilibrium because everything is either recycled or feeding species. Nature’s unfolding gives without any discrimination. In this sense attributing a price tag to Nature is delusional.

The fear about tomorrow, not having enough to go by or losing one’s power, opens the door to the path of the least resistance. Materialism adds another layer: the fear of death.

The psychosis of success. We can see the results now… the pursuit of the purpose of life is what needs to be taught to kids.

There is no money that can match the wealth and generosity of Earth, that is why we destroy everything for profits. With no profits possible, the monetary system would crumble down. Solution: a Money-Free Society

Materialism was only worth it to teach us what is WRONG with it. We had to start the industrialization era to grasp the implications of treating life as a commodity. The Ego will have to adapt now.

All coercive structures have their flaws built-in and the latter cannot be reconciled. Fear and coercion destroy any structure. Therefore must we be extremely careful before projecting any of our thoughts into actions.

The most lasting and positive effects are obtained when thoughts respect Creation and refute any form of coercion: voluntaryism binds all Natural Laws for a greater good.

When money is removed from the equation, collusion and self-interest become support and service to others and abundance. There are Natural Laws in the Universe that want us to care about Life… to choose Life over monetarism.

Separateness already occurs at the level of materialism, when identifying ourselves to our possessions, to a race, religion, culture. All these things are designed to “divide and conquer ” … the unity of humanity depends on seeing beyond all that

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What is Cyclical Consumption?


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