SpaceX Proves Economics Is A Form Of Brain Damage

More satellites than stars? SpaceX could ruin night sky as we know it, astronomers worry, MAY 28 2019

RT.COM Footage shot by a Netherlands astronomer showed the 60 satellites far outshining the stars around them as they climbed toward their eventual position at 550km altitude. SpaceX hopes to one day have 12,000 satellites orbiting the planet, beaming all the high-speed internet humanity could ever want – and it is only one of several companies eyeing the satellite internet sector.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: no doubt that 5G is cause of real concerns, the cancer rate is going to skyrocket, not to mention the various chronic health conditions that will arise. If you have kept yourself informed, risks have been detailed in many articles and congressional hearings uploaded on YT. Or you just have to scroll down this blog to find plenty of info if needed.

Now SpaceX is being traded as an IPO and investors are rushing in… this is absurd and scary at once. EC must agree with Dr Suzuki that economics is a “form of brain damage”. Suzuki believes in the climate change (though does not say anything about geoengineering), right, but at least recognizes the powerful complexities of Nature. Shareholders believe in the power of maximizing profits and will not hesitate to doom humanity to make it happen. There lies the difference.

“If many of the satellites in these new mega-constellations had that kind of steady brightness, then in 20 years or less, for a good part the night anywhere in the world, the human eye would see more satellites than stars,” Bill Keel, a University of Alabama astronomer, told AFP.

Keel does not say it all, does he (deliberately) omit the ongoing “space fence program” and the fact that our space junk is almost out of control?

The Future Is Now: Space Fence Program Takes the War On Consciousness To The Heavens

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk argued that bringing super-fast connections to “billions of economically disadvantaged people” was “the greater good” and insisted his satellites would have “0% impact on advancements in astronomy.” Astronomers, he suggested, could simply move their telescopes into space if they had a problem seeing.

Economically disadvantaged people… that’s the sale pitch, humanitarianism always sells. That is exactly how and why we have today a $250 trillion global debt bubble and have trashed the planet to achieve this black hole. Let’s contemplate the obvious: if profits are impossible there is no reason for monetarism to exist. So, in this sense saying that it is a medium of exchange is a half-truth. The sole purpose of monetarism is not to spread wealth evenly but accumulate wealth by whatever means.

While Musk also pledged to investigate reducing the reflectivity of SpaceX’s satellites, visual pollution isn’t the only problem; satellites’ “side emissions” – the radio frequencies that don’t make it down to earth – also stymie astronomers who use electromagnetic waves to study celestial objects like black holes.

Keel wishes Musk – and his competitors – would think of these things before filling earth’s orbit with their products. “It’s not just safeguarding our professional interests but, as far as possible, protecting the night sky for humanity,” he said.’

Following the money is a doctrine that makes one buy low and sell high. And as the input and output are not balanced, the “loss of energy and capital” is being systematically redirected to less advantaged social departments, hence impoverishing further 80% of society.

The psychosis of success. We can see the results now… the pursuit of the purpose of life is what needs to be taught to kids.


David Suzuki – Economics Is A Form Of Brain Damage


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