How Microplastics Are Blown Across The World

Our global and massive plastic and synthetic fiber pollution are slowly becoming the absolute nightmare, folks! What we need is a movement that is going to help promote bioplastics, and make the case of buying in bulk to avoid any kind of plastic wrapping. It is obvious that if we do not cut plastic production for households completely, we are setting ourselves up for a disaster. Plastic and biotech pollution are the most urgent issues we are faced with.

‘It’s Raining Plastic’: Researchers Find Microscopic Fibers in Colorado Rain Samples May. 23, 2019

ECOWATCH: The plastics were tiny, needing magnification of 20 to 40 times to be visible and they were not dense enough to be weighed. More fibers were found in urban sites, but plastics were also spotted in samples from a site at elevation 10,300 feet in Rocky Mountain National Park…. Where did the plastic fibers come from? Are they locally produced, or carried from distant states or countries? How do they affect fish and other aquatic life after the plastics precipitate out in rain? And just how much plastic is aloft? Austin Baldwin, a study co-author, would like to know.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Found at more than 10,000 feet elevation. Meaning that plastic particles on the ground are eventually carried away by the wind, high and higher. There is not much need to wonder about possible long-term side effects if we eat and inhale it on a daily basis, is there? This dire conundrum is enough to question the intent of any corporate scientists.

Microplastics and fibers are everywhere as you read this. And since they floating all around in the air, this means that we even inhale them too.

And NOBODY is going to jail. Can you believe that, this is a crime against humanity.

The MSM are avoiding the real issue, which is selling science for profits regardless of the consequences and direct experimentation on humans. Scientists, CEOs and lawmakers should all become the targets of multiple and global class action lawsuits!

The atmosphere is a powerful and tireless recirculator — of pollution as well as water. Dust carried by wind and rain from America’s southern deserts falls on the Rocky Mountains and causes snowpack to melt more quickly. Mercury emissions from thermal power plants as distant as China have been detected in the remote alpine lakes of Olympic National Park and Mount Rainier National Park, where the toxic chemical is consumed by fish. Even PFAS compounds, the contaminants du jour, hitch an aerial ride. New Hampshire regulators traced groundwater contamination near a Saint-Gobain manufacturing facility to the site’s blower stacks, which had lofted the chemicals into the air before they precipitated onto land.

This paragraph is way more than an eye opener. Mainstream science has always assumed that it would come up with solutions along the way, but problems keep amplifying instead. The only worthy solution will cause a major economic crash, and nobody wants to be responsible for causing it by declaring “corporate science” the enemy of humanity.

The fibers suggest the residue from synthetic clothing. Residential clothes dryers could be venting a waste stream into the air, he said. Or laundry water could be a source. Fibers sent to a wastewater treatment plant could end up in the sludge that is then spread on farm fields for fertilizer. As the sludge dries, the fibers could be lifted into the air. Another possible source could be the slow degradation of car tires.

Nature is stronger and we ought to stop fighting Her, or think we can do better than Her. Nature as a whole operates in a perfect equilibrium because everything is either recycled or feeding species. Nature’s unfolding gives without any discrimination. In this sense attributing a price tag to Nature is delusional.

Though individual microplastics have their own shape, size and chemistry, Baldwin did not think that the Colorado sites are particularly unique. The fibers could have been carried for a significant distance. “We’re seeing plastics virtually everywhere we look,” he said…. FULL ARTICLE

One does not change a system by fighting it but creating a new one making the old one obsolete said Buckminster Fuller


We’re Now At A Million Plastic Bottles Per Minute – 91% Of Which Are Not Recycled (2017)

Microplastic Found Even In The Air In France’s Pyrenees Mountains (2019) We’re Now At A Million Plastic Bottles Per Minute – 91% Of Which Are Not Recycled (2019)
Surprisingly high amounts of microplastic are raining down on a remote and seemingly pristine part of France’s Pyrenees mountains, according to scientists who say such particles could potentially be floating everywhere. In fact, they found 365 plastic particles on average every day on a square meter collector. “We’d kind of expected it in a city getting blown around,” he says, “but way up there? The number is astounding.”

94% of U.S. tap water contaminated by plastic fibers — including from the faucets at Trump Tower (2017)
According to the study, commissioned by the data journalism website Orb and conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota, the highest rates of contamination was found in Lebanon and India, while the lowest occurred in Europe, where 72% of samples contained fibers.

Alarm as study shows how microplastics are blown across the world (2019)
About 335m tonnes of plastic is produced each year – while it degrades extremely slowly, it can be broken into smaller and smaller pieces. Microplastic pollution in rivers and oceans is now well known but just two previous studies have looked at its presence in the air, one in Paris, France, and another in Dongguan, China. Both found a steady fall of particles…. “When you get down to respiratory size particles, we don’t know what those do,” said Deonie Allen. “That is a really big unknown, and we don’t want it to end up something like asbestos.” Plastic fibres have been found in human lung tissue, with those researchers suggesting they are “candidate agents contributing to the risk of lung cancer”…. And some microplastics probably can be inhaled. “We …don’t know what they do to humans,” Allen says. “They’re a brand new [type of] pollution, but there’s so much of it and it’s increasing so fast that it’s something we really need to start learning about.”

Earth Custodians are unfortunately not yet in a position to speed up the paradigm shift dramatically, though we hope daily that the Cosmos has something in the works for us. Walking with the Light, is all we can do. Thank you for your support in the meantime. Much LOVE!

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