Is ‘Professional Cuddling’ A New Market Niche?

Earth Custodians just shake their head in disbelief. Professional cuddling seems like another capitalist trick to offer those suffering from the existential stress some relief. How far can the market go to keep stimulating money creation while depleting us from our vitality ever further?

Sure professional cuddling could provide some” valuable placebo effect”, we won’t deny that. But what we are trying to mean here is that if society could evolve according to very different premises, that of collaboration and empathy as opposed to competition and self-centeredness, people would feel a lot more connected, interested in sharing their feelings and even have time to actually exchange r-e-a-l hugs.

But today we are very far from that: individuals are isolated and won’t dare speak up their minds as society has become extremely judgmental. Then also, and due to political correctness, people will immediately feel “their space” being invaded if somebody is attempting to engage in a more private conversation.

So a question comes to mind: is professional cuddling mirroring the stigma of a society that is losing touch with itself? It looks like it. On top of that, it is pretty expensive. Unless the “cuddlist or cuddler” is a licensed psychiatrist, psychologist or nurse, healthcare insurances are not going to intervene. And that means that rates will remain high. It wouldn’t be surprising to find out that most clients are in some kind of “sexless relationship” because they’ve lost the meaning of their own life purpose — or are in the process of recovering from a painful brake-up.

But further, will professional cuddling achieve its intended aims? Not so sure but clients might find it attractive and even develop a co-dependency because problems are all around us, and not going away — even getting worse.

Society desperately needs several shock waves to cease and overcome compulsive behaviors, the psychosis of success induced by the celebrity cult, superficial and commoditized friendships, have more time to self-educate and relax, give children the attention they deserve, etc.

So until our society does not become mentally saner, professional cuddling could offer a temporary reprieve… to the high-middle and upper classes mainly.

When looking at the big picture, suicide rate and loneliness being at all time high, there is for sure some career potential… but let’s get serious: loneliness is the result of nonsensical materialism to start with. Here is another very telling example as how capitalism fosters problems, dumbs down and profits from despair all at once!


Now an emerging niche market positions cuddling as a new form of therapy and self-care. In the past ten years, cuddling has evolved from a simple display of affection to a successful industry centered around the philosophy of consent. But why has professional cuddling become so popular? …….. Larsen sees that shift as part of a broader understanding of the importance of self-care and mental health. “I think humans are beginning to evolve and become more open and understanding about what basic human needs are, and touch is a basic human need,” she explained.

PROFESSIONAL CUDDLER (New York woman cuddles people for $80 dollars per hour)

A New York woman has transformed cuddling – the age-old show of physical affection — into a professional business. Ali C., who for privacy reasons would not give out her full name, started “Cuddle U NYC” in November last year. It is the city’s fist professional cuddling service. For $80 (USD) per hour, Ali snuggles up with clients at her Manhattan studio apartment for a “cuddle therapy” session


VIDEO: Professional ‘cuddlist’ makes $100 an hour snuggling clients in need of therapeutic touch

Enroll in Cuddlist Training – costs 149 Dollars
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