Quotes Symbolizing The Earth Custodians’ Philosophy

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If profits are impossible there is no reason for monetarism to exist. So, in this sense saying that it is a medium of exchange is a half-truth. The sole purpose of monetarism is not  to spread wealth evenly but accumulate wealth by whatever means.

The time has come to unroot our multidimensional origins in order to comprehend who we really ware because the world we see today is a dangerous fiction.

What people call the human nature is in fact human conditioning. Not to be confused. Human conditioning can be overcome. The true human nature is empathetic and wants peace.

Unfortunately most are still afraid of the Unknown and would rather defend servitude, Dystopia comes this way…. then we have the ego, trained to work for the right to own things and which is even a much bigger issue.

We are told that money buys freedom but as soon as we begin to chase it, we become easily manipulable and freedom becomes servitude…

Medicine and science all together are fields that cannot suffer from profit seeking because “Life is Sacred”. And the Sacredness of Life means that all our discoveries should be managed with the refusal to turn them into multi-billion enterprises. A Resource Based Economy and a Money-Free Society are the only way out of the mega crisis coming our way!

Humanity is a body: when an injured limb or organ is neglected, the infection spreads to the whole body.

Humans must come to term with their love-hate affair with power, quit thinking that power offers security because it does not…. but we also must end the pecking order between ourselves and embrace voluntarism instead.

In a world that is limited by monetarism good ideas are very seldom. Its very frustrating.

Separateness already occurs at the level of materialism, when identifying ourselves to our possessions, to a race, religion, culture. All these things are designed to “divide and conquer ” … the unity of humanity depends on seeing beyond all that

Nature as a whole operates in a perfect equilibrium because everything is either recycled or feeding species. Nature’s unfolding gives without any discrimination. In this sense attributing a price tag to Nature is delusional.

We all get our ideas somewhere and add our 2 cents. We do not invent anything but merely discover.

The economic growth mantra is costing us dearly: the global debt is around $250 trillion so far. And earth is systematically destroyed

The fear about tomorrow, not having enough to go by or losing one’s power, opens the door to the path of the least resistance. Materialism adds another layer: the fear of death.

If more people knew how unethical and unfair competition for humans is, they would resolve their problems overnight. Humans are not meant to compete but collaborate.

The psychosis of success. We can see the results now… the pursuit of the purpose of life is what needs to be taught to kids.

Moral relativism is hijacking our birthrights… abolish war and people will start seeing Life differently — and be more respectful toward one another

Individualism and materialism have deeply fragmented the fabric of society and destroyed our unique bound with Nature. We are engaged in a spiritual battle above all.

When everybody follows the money, cartels of all kinds come into being. Competition is not a framework for humans because we have the power to think far ahead. Animal cannot do this. If competition is legal, then monopolies are too ?

Money has always been debt throughout history, it just became more sophisticate over time. Money was never meant to free us but ensure an upper class to stay in power. The flaw is embedded in the premise itself. No matter how we look at the picture, only empathy, compassion and human energy can offer a viable solution powered by Money-Free Society.

It can all be traced back to the subjectivity of value, which is why we have a monopoly on value that gives us the illusion that value exists. Fake value will continue to exist as long as money does… a Money-Free Society is the only way out. The only value that we can trust is that of Earth/Nature. The monopoly on value, money, has distorted our rapport with the entire ecosystem. It’s obvious.

There is no money that can match the wealth and generosity of Earth, that is why we destroy everything for profits. With no profits possible, the monetary system would crumble down. Solution: a Money-Free Society

Accumulation of wealth is nonsensical, we all happen to pass by, journeying… inheritance is passing down to our kids and grand kids this deadly illusion of property rights.

Materialism was only worth it to teach us what is WRONG with it. We had to start the industrialization era to grasp the implications of treating life as a commodity. The Ego will have to adapt now.

The more humans cooperate the more security and social benefits… the more security one seeks the more control and the more Dystopian society becomes… that is how the universe works. Yes cooperation and sharing are the way… but not when they are enforced nor coerced in any fashion. It has to be voluntary.

All coercive structures have their flaws built-in and the latter cannot be reconciled. Fear and coercion destroy any structure. Therefore must we be extremely careful before projecting any of our thoughts into actions.

The most lasting and positive effects are obtained when thoughts respect Creation and refute any form of coercion: voluntaryism binds all Natural Laws for a greater good.

The major cause of enslavement is speculation itself, which allows some to thwart or control any market, for them money — getting rich — is secondary. Power only matters. Speculation is a fear driven motion caused by competition.

One of the main flaws of the free market ideology is the promotion of individual greed and self-interest, which make people turn a blind eye to the greed of others. This, until one begins to struggle a little bit too much and starts questioning the system.

Sociology and philosophy, mainly over the last 200 years, have been distorted by people seeing everything through the same top down model. Psychology must be reformed completely.

When money is removed from the equation, collusion and self-interest become support and service to others and abundance. There are Natural Laws in the Universe that want us to care about Life… to choose Life over monetarism.

Capitalism, to distance itself from centralization, argues that free market conditions are essential to its foundations but there have never been such “free markets” in the entire world history because the goal of competition is to eliminate all competition for the sake of wealth concentration.

Nobody accumulates anything because death is what we can all expect at some point. The world is sick from passing down this neurosis from a generation to the next. It is a deception.

We belong to Earth. And Earth belongs to the Cosmos. Just as any organism and subparticle, Earth and Man are fractals within the Cosmic Creation.

Money is by definition a very coercive tool. Very few people think independently when money is involved but about the next deal, salary increase and possible association.

Man’s cosmic purpose is to transcend his primitive instincts and quit using the latter for domination. Man isn’t an animal as he is capable to wonder about his existence.

The pursuit of True Knowledge can only have positive influences when selflessness and empathy rule the game, because the more we know, the more Knowledge can be used for self-annihilation.

Conscious capitalism is all nice on paper but unworkable, because as soon as one seeks to stay away from competition, one gets trampled.

So what is the value of our world economy, would you ask? Well, it truly depends how we look at the picture. Close to zero, because value is not manageable without a monopoly that end up destroying value completely over time… and priceless at the same time because by now it is obvious that all the money in the world cannot buy Nature, that when attempting to do so, we begin to destroy our host.

The system only rewards money creation, regardless of the worthiness of the ideas. And generally bad ideas take the lead because wealth fuels coercion.

Changing society is above all a story of individual redemption (forgiving oneself for believing in a fiction that can never be) for a greater good.

We shouldn’t be standing on the edge of the cliff to consider the unthinkable. But society is conditioned to react that way because profits always comes first.

Man is, without a doubt, conditioned to project into purchases his own self-esteem but the pleasure taken in buying is very short lived because the left and right brain hemispheres are not wired for consumerism at all but creativity and sharing mainly.

As long as money isn’t declared obsolete, the rich will continue to hold onto his possessions. The less rich too. Almost everybody.

It is crystal clear that monetarism has become a “several headed monster” enabling some to commoditize Life on every levels possible.

As long as people accept the competition model, those at the very top, the 0.001%, and their pals, the 0.1%, till have bright days ahead.

The lesson is that we all must recognize the failure of the ideology of “success”: it is a threat to humanity’s well being. A society teaching to become rich and powerful is a “full loop deception”.

The focus on money is associated with a reward by the brain which is subliminally exposed to images of material success. But the reality is that this focus ruins everything over time.

Consuming for profit is enslaving!

There are way more people working in IoT departments than those willing to protect our privacy, because that is where the money is: data is the new oil!

As long as money exists working along with nature will forever imply more cost$ or/and time.

A society teaching to become rich and powerful is a “full loop deception”.

The stock market itself is banking on the ignorance of the many. There lies the secret of the inequality gap the mainstream refers to.

The hunt for money is an obstacle in the sense that the more money one earns the more money one needs.

A money-free society is apolitical and that might be the main obstacle, if any, because a majority still expects politicians to save them.






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