Growing Number Of Doctors Prescribe ‘Food as Medicine’

Study Suggests Doctors Prescribe ‘Food as Medicine’ | APRIL 2019

READY NUTRITION: A new study suggests that doctors return to more natural and holistic roots by prescribing healthy foods and an improved diet for some Americans. Long stuck in a culture where unhealthy diets and chemical-laden foods have become normal, many doctors are now breaking the mold – but it’s good and bad at the same time.

EARTH CUSTODIANS: Commenting on each quote at the time. EC can imagine why it is bad at the same time: Pharmaceuticals must be fretting. They stand to lose billions of dollars. That is one thing and a very important one. All the lies that have pumped up the stock market are now going to deflate it.

Those doctors who choose to prescribe a healthy diet feel that simply improving the quality of the foods a person eats could save the healthcare industry billions of dollars. Although this is far from a new concept, it is nice to see Western medicine doctors try something new instead of jumping to prescribe the latest and greatest Big Pharma pill loaded with side effects.

Very dangerous paradox on the horizon: what is good for the insurers is today very bad for BigPharma. Healthcare is beyond bankrupt because it went along with the “money making mantra” for about decades… and now it is “splitville”. That is just how self-interest works. That is why the system is mainly conflict driven. Self interest and individualism do not work as premises. We can clearly see why both departments are on the brink and ready to wage an all out war on one another — and not really because of the side effects but the prices of drugs. Hospitals, as you read this, stand ready to market their own non-profit generic brands. As to whether there will be “non-profit pricings” for the patients, that of course remains to be seen.

Jan 18, 2018 · A group of large hospital systems plans to create a nonprofit generic drug company to battle shortages and high prices. (nytimes and

In an effort to stop a preventable disease before it starts, some researchers and medical professionals are pushing for programs that would let doctors prescribe healthy foods and force insurers to cover those foods. This would inevitably lead to a change in eating habits that could help patients shift to a health-promoting diet from a disease-causing one, the researchers have claimed.

The scourges of money exposed again . The healthcare system now is poised to cover the costs of (organic) foods. That’s an awful policy because it’s another unsustainable socialist scheme. But hopefully people will feel better and learn the lessons. The dark side here is that if doctors prescribe “organic foods”, prices will rise by much, and become unaffordable, so maybe more people will line up to get “nutritional prescriptions”. This is going to go out of control and create another impasse in due time.

According to Popular Science, these types of healthy eating programs work. Subsidizing fruits, vegetables, and other healthy foods under Medicare and Medicaid could prevent millions of cases, as well as the deaths associated from cardiovascular disease, according to a new model. It would prevent hundreds of thousands of diabetes cases, as well, and save billions of dollars in healthcare costs.

It is funny to read how they divert the attention from the real problem: the multi decade-long of merchandising of junk and processed foods in the first place. They are caught at their own game and now must subsidizing their efforts. It’s truly laughable. But profit seeking always snaps back at the profiteers like a boomerang. This time the game is truly over for them. This is really back to square one. The full loop has been completed and will wake people up. We have all their fallacies on file.

The idea of treating food (which is the nourishment we all need to survive) as a key element of healthcare is catching on across the healthcare industry, says Rita Nguyen, Medical Director of Healthy Food Initiatives at Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital. “People are recognizing the common sense of it all,” she says. “We spend so much on healthcare, and our outcomes are abysmal. We don’t invest in prevention.” And many are now saying a switch to healthier eating habits is all that’s needed to improve your chances of well-being.

That is fantastic while a little too late, we’re afraid. Mainly because it comes at a time when the failures of our economic system are too Gargantuan to be contained. First healthcare will have to go into a full collapse, then be rebuilt from scratch with genuine holistic doctors.

Medicine and science all together are fields that cannot suffer from profit seeking because “Life is Sacred”. And Sacredness of Life means that all our discoveries should be managed with the refusal to turn them into multi-billion enterprises. A Resource Based Economy and a money-free society are the only way out of the mega crisis coming our way!


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