The Artificial Intelligence Contagion

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Are You Ready for a Worse Dystopia than 1984 ? Paul Craig Roberts, May 2019

But why? Why eliminate the need for human labor when no gain can accrue to the elite as there would be no consumer market for their products? The cost savings from robotics and artificial intelligence are meaningless when there are no consumers at the other end. When the patents have to be socialized in order to support a population displaced by robotics, what is the point of the robotics?

EARTH CUSTODIANS: As we have witnessed, the industrial revolution allowed society to produce at lower costs while increasing production. But soon thereafter machines began to require low and/or slave wages. It is fairly reasonable to say that at least 30% of world population work for very little, are in (deep) poverty as a result. As for most of the middle class, the latter are flirting with insolvency on a daily basis.

The point here is quite simple: automation and robotics will increase such negative trends without a doubt. And here is why.

Knowledge does not increase wealth but tame it ever further… until becoming meaningless. This is a Natural Law. And this implies that ignorance is the tool for extracting wealth. Education in a monetary system must dumb down.

In a fully transparent society where a majority can access the Trivium and Quatrivium, profits can no longer be made because everybody is aware of the “tricks” to make money. There cannot be any free-market, it’s a fantasy. Paul Craig Roberts will figure that out eventually. In fact, he is almost there but does not realize it — yet.

The coauthors of Contagion, and that is what artificial intelligence is, understand that humans with their limited awareness and intelligence have found intellectual interests in developing the means for their own self destruction. Nuclear weapons, for example, are an insane accomplishment of mindless idiots, because they can not enter general use without destroying all life on the planet. A doomsday weapon is a pointless weapon.

The pursuit of True Knowledge can only have positive influences when selflessness and empathy rule the game, because the more we know, the more Knowledge can be used for self-annihilation. Monetarism does not fit in that landscape as it rather stimulates the downsides of the ego, hence prompts individuals to satisfy their needs first. Selfishness remains at the center of the picture because money itself absorbs most of the focus, taking away attention from things that are invaluable.

The only material wealth that truly exists is that of our planet Earth. We are souls having a human experience.

The same for robotics and artificial intelligence. What is the purpose of producing threats to humans from police states and by taking away all purposes for human existence? This is a mindless act. Those responsible for it are the worst criminals the world has ever known. Yet these destroyers of humanity bask in public approval for all the benefits they are bringing to mankind.

Yes “they” are and that is why AI must be turned off and destroyed. AI represents the quintessence of selfishness and evil accumulated by the powers that be over the centuries. And that does not bode well at all.

A society aware of the Selflessness of Knowledge, would never preach in favor of giving away our consent to self-improving machines. The latter must remain machines — with no power of decision on their own — and help society achieve peace instead.


quintessence ► n. The pure, highly concentrated essence of a thing.

Experts: We Must Study Machine Behaviors

Moreover, the so-called experts again have done nothing to enhance the development of mankind, but work for corporations and the state to ensure their paychecks. Humans have been betrayed by a field that should not operate for profits. So when reading about the urge to study “machine behaviors”, God only knows what nefarious plans are going to emerge from such an idea.


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