UN Greenlighting Deluge 2.0 Floating City Project

We all know that the elites are fond of selling fairy​ ​tales to further their plans, though this one again does not add up. UN giving greenlight to this project for millionaires and billionaires (above picture)… Is there a deluge coming within the next 10-20 years ahead?
Many renegade archaeologists agree that a major event happened far back into time, and that presence of earthly civilizations is much more ancient than the mainstream tells us. And that a small percentage was able to escape the deluge that occurred around 12,000 BC makes lot of sense since artifacts and ancient knowledge rather indicate that the esoteric knowledge of astronomy and the cycles of the heavens, were already pretty well understood at the time. If we have to stick to the mainstream timeline, no cavemen could have come up with such observations since telescopes did not exist yet.
But the UN does not say that it is going to be paid by global taxpayers, hence the organization putting lipstick on a pig by saying that could help protect people from sea-level rise while addressing the lack of affordable housing in major cities.. Honestly, does it look like “affordable housing” to you?.. All made with organic materials!
We all know that to make housing affordable again, is to pop the “housing mega bubble”, and the problem will be solved. The main cause of homelessness is the irrationally high price of the housing market, which in turn impacts the costs of living at any level we can think of. Hawaii for example is where the crisis hits the most, close to 30% of its population are homeless. In Silicone Valley, sky-high rents, are around $2,700 for an 860 square-foot apartment. So indeed it is ironic to hear some at the top debate the idea of building floating cities and apartments to circumvent the crisis.
And they even talk of $6 million floating homes that can withstand Category 4 hurricanes is now a reality. Take a look inside. https://www.businessinsider.com.au/floating-home-withstands-category-4-hurricanes-2019-2
Earth Custodians believe that these new projects are for the elites (telling the truth is no option), so that they will have their private enclave, far away from the misery of the hungry masses in the wake of a post global crash, while being protected in the case of some unfolding Deluge 2.0 which Constellations of the Heaven could be unleashing at some point.

The UN is supporting a design for a new floating city that can withstand Category 5 hurricanes APR 4, 2019

What is more?
At the original link you will find another hyperlink: Silicon Valley’s largest city wants to house the homeless in floating apartments… does that make sense to you when knowing that the states/government do not have the money to finance shelters for the homeless on the ground… why would they spend on “floating apartments? And how far from the shore would that be? Here is the picture of the project…
And while they discuss about spending billion pretending to address the housing market, people continue to pay the heavy price of speculation.
German ‘rent insanity’ sparks mass tenant protests, expropriation action (04/07/2019)
For many Germans, there is also a political aspect to the problem. Some of the social housing that could have gone to citizens struggling to pay larger rent went to thousands of refugees, which the country had accepted. According to ZDF, nearly 55,000 refugees were living in Berlin in 2016, putting a bit of extra pressure on the housing market.
California’s homelessness crisis expands to country (2017)
The Homeless Are Dying in Record Numbers on the Streets of Los Angeles (2019)

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