200 People Control $50 Trillion

Inverted Reality: Socialism For The Rich, Capitalism For The Crowds

We live in a world where everything works in reverse because existential values have monetized conflicts of interest to no end. Since values are inverted finding ourselves back on the right path requires first a burning desire to see this earthly onslaught come to an end. It is only when the understanding of the crisis endorses the ‘greater picture’ that we allow Holistic Thinking to set in and come to the rescue. The ‘ace in the hole’ is that ‘knowing’ binds all the principles for a greater of all good and will considerably smooth out any turbulence inherent to the transition.

Earth Custodians find Reich quite biased (remember that he’s sponsored by moveon) but the video remains interesting nonetheless. First socialism does not mean to get something for nothing because in a socialist system taxation is generally very high. Take Norway for example where the average tax rate is 40%. It is the idea that taxation will pay for everything that makes people feel entitled to whatever perks and programs. They merely want to take advantage of their consent to being taxed, which is why leftism has been an ever growing success…. until the French Yellow Vests storm into the picture.

And of course as usual, any political trend pushed to the extreme becomes its opposite then merges with fascism. So the only 2 systems that really exist are: induced collectivism or voluntary cooperation.
Then Reich begins to laud meritocracy, a system rewarding the most successful, those who deserve it. Well that is how it all started and that is why the success of some colluding in the broad daylight was cheered by the mesmerized crowds. The Celebrity Cult was born.

Reich continues: 60% of American wealth is today inherited. And of course many rich people have never really worked in their lives, they have CEOs, accountants and lawyers doing the job for them. But what is deeply flawed here is the notion of inheritance itself. One is born naked and die naked, right? So why worrying about the materialist aspect of life?

Phillips describes the deep ramifications and clusters of finance as this top 200 invest into each other, so revenues can circulate in full loops. He recommends to make them accountable and put them under pressure to force a change. This $50tn entanglement is woven so deeply into the fabric of society that it will never happen.

Back to square one… it is obvious that “big money” will always protect itself, and the only way to undo this is to declare money obsolete.

CONCLUSION: Unfortunately none of these 2 speakers offers real answers.

Robert Reich: Socialism of the Rich, Capitalism for the Rest


Abby Martin sits down with Peter Phillips, former director of Project Censored and professor of Political Sociology at Sonoma State University. His new book “Giants: The Global Power Elite” details the 17 transnational investment firms which control over $50 trillion in wealth—and how they are kept in power by their activists, facilitators and protectors.



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