Silent Takeover Of A Binary Lifeform


The major inconsistency however lies in the applications of synthetic biology such as virology and forensic biology, and for which there is such an incredible booming market, we are told. One question we should ask oursleves is why those obsessed with ridding humanity of diseases have turned a blind eye to our growing massive world pollution, which is the result of science for profit? Aren’t we setting ourselves up for another day of recokoning whose magnitude will be far worse than, for example, our plastic pollution?

Under the pretense to speed up medical research, Genomics 23andme sold 5mn users genetic data to big pharma. People who do not consent to their genetic samples being used for studies, the latter will still be used but de-identified before landing into a lab. What we are seeing is the rise of a scientific technocracy.

The correlation between AI and Synthetic Biology narrates the untold story that we are on the brink of creating synthetic world and life forms: that does not bode well and raises the possibility that we live in a people’s farm whose owners are not from our planet.

Lets get serious here, how can 12,500 cases of fragile genetic inheritance justify the screening of 4 million funded by the government and other heatlhcare services. As we can see the “saving life mantra” does not hold much water. What is being done to all these stored samples (as they are for sure not thrown out)? And who really pays for the screenings ? Many unanswered questions.

It is our right to know that the Department of Agriculture decided that genetically edited plants are like plants with naturally occurring mutations and thus require no special regulations. Biotech lobbies are taking over the world but this time we won’t have a decade or two to raise awareness as the tentacles of technocracy are everywhere already. Frankly, we have more or less 5 years to stop the planet from being turned into a binary life form.

The government owns your DNA. What are they doing with it? 7/24/14

Every year, approximately 4 million newborns in the U.S. are screened for congenital disorders, and about 12,500 of these infants are diagnosed with an inherited condition. Many of these disorders (like PKU) can be effectively treated when caught early, allowing an infant to grow and develop normally. By every account, newborn screening is one of modernity’s biggest medical success stories—yet most of us are not familiar with this compelling tale or even know that we most likely have been screened…..

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