Why Does Society Want Us Occupied With Jobs?


WIKIPEDIA: A rat race is an endless, self-defeating, or pointless pursuit….  It may also refer to a competitive struggle to get ahead financially or routinely.

A vast majority wants society to change, and countless of reasons abound. Those reasons, although varying, share one and sole similarity nonetheless. All of them translate the same vital need to do something meaningful to justify the purpose of life as a whole.

Invoking the motive of  a paycheck does not have any sound basis whatsoever because we quickly become dependent of being paid, and that’s where servitude begins to work its ways through, eroding freedom from every angle. Monetarism promotes, both,  intellectual and moral prostitution. Moral prostitution, of course, comes first, as it all starts with the idea to respond one’s own needs according to any given situation.

Moreover, all pleasant jobs will eventually become boring, some quicker than others, because the tasks involved are repeatitive, regardless of the activity. But this is what society has conditioned us  into accpeting since ever, to join the workforce and do the same repetitive tasks over and over.We are trained to take society for granted and taught that routines and consensuses equate to security.

The Act of Living is a challenge in itself and does not offer any security since we do not live forever. It is essential that we  emotionally process very deeply the finitude of life to bring about the changes perceived out of reach.

If we are genuine about transforming the world,  we must to embrace life to the fullest instead of struggling to maintain the elusive security to fit the consensuses at all costs. The most prevailing attiitude is that many people long for others to lead the change, but also unfortunately use this as an excuse for complecency, blaming others for their own lack of action’, often because financial responsibilities are seen as a priority.

Initiating an intellectual and social revolution must come from each of us stepping out and reclaiming our freedoms as inalienable birthrights.  The future of society will ultimately depends on  a critical mass to rise up against our intolerable imprisonment, comprehending that all lives are equal.

Coming together is what must be done to end all cynical hypocrisy such as 11 million  starving in the war torn Yemen and the Christchurch event in New Zeland that has killed 50 people, which is overly mediatized compared to the Yemeni famine.

We ought to come to term with the fact that the elites will never change, otherwise we wouldn’t call them so anymore. There is nothing to expect from them. The state of the planet proves it.  Their promises no matter how apealing, are never acted upon. And this means that we have to be the change ourselves.

The Fear Of Being is at the core of what holds us back. Should we dare calmly observe what this fear is composed of, we would eventally end up comprehending our planetary irrationality itself. That very Fear of Being, and which all we are born with, is in fact destined to be overcome.

Even though every individual has different perceptions about the pursuit of knowledge and vocational endevors, the mission to free ourselves from that fear is a common goal.  It is the only way to separate the illusion from the Truth.

Freeing ourselves from the “rat race” may come along with a great stress because we, as a society, have eluded this  moment for so long but it will deliver us from this intolerable imprisonment Jiddu Krishnamurti desribes so well

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